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Artistic depiction of a Strzyga


A strzyga is a typically female demon, similar to a vampire, from Slavic mythology.BACKGROUND, HISTORY AND LOREA strzyga (sometimes called striga in English, which is also a type of plant commonly know... Read More
Image of a female figure standing in a doorway in the Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Waverley Hills Sanatorium

Waverly Hills Sanatorium is a former hospital built to treat patients with Tuberculosis, also known as the ‘White Death’ and is now said to be one of the most haunted buildings in North America.LOCATIO... Read More
Creepy woman in an old style dress staring into a mirror on a wall

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is the legend of a ghost, phantom, or spirit said to be conjured by chanting ‘Bloody Mary’, usually while looking into a mirror as part of a game or ritual. Depending on the version of the legend s... Read More
Person hovering above the leaves in a forest

Doris Bither Poltergeist

The Doris Bither haunting, also known as the Entity haunting, allegedly occurred in 1974 in Culver City, California. Doris Bither claimed that she was plagued by poltergeist activity and that the spirits of th... Read More
Green Man Face depiction in sculpture with a dark forest behind

Green Man

The Green Man, found in many forms and guises in lore throughout history, is most commonly thought of as a pagan god or fertility symbol possibly from as early as 400 AD. He is usually depicted as having a bea... Read More
Hand of a girl standing in a field wearing a black dress

Myrtles Plantation

Myrtles Plantation, built in 1794, and rumoured to be on top of an Indian burial ground, is believed to be haunted by more than ten different ghosts.Bogdan Oporowski / CC BY-SALOCATIONSt. Franc... Read More

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Dark image of DLSR camera, with the lens pointing at the camera, on wood surface on a dark background with figure reflected in the lens

10 Creepy Photos of Ghosts

Some of the creepiest and most compelling visual evidence we have for ghosts are the images which capture something that can't be explained; a figure, a shadow or a face that shouldn't be there. Some entities ... Read More
Dark image of person silhouetted against a static screen

10 Terrifying Ghosts Caught on Camera

WARNING SOME OF THESE VIDEOS CONTAIN SWEAR WORDS1 | GHOST IN THE ROADThis dashcam footage was filmed on the Cipali toll road in Indonesia. The road is reportedly known for frequent road traffic acc... Read More


Crystal pendulum and crystal held in hand

How To Use A Pendulum

A pendulum is made of a weight or item, preferably symmetrical and ending with a point, often made from crystal, metal or wood, on the end of a chain varying in length usually between 4 to 10 inches. The weigh... Read More
Three people using a ouija board, black and white, 1987

How To Use A Ouija Board

A Ouija, or spirit, board is a flat board with the alphabet, numbers, ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘goodbye’. A moveable pointer, usually a ‘planchette’ or sometimes a glass, is placed on the board and the user attempts to... Read More
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