Some of the creepiest and most compelling visual evidence we have for ghosts are the images which capture something that can’t be explained; a figure, a shadow or a face that shouldn’t be there. Some entities seem to only show up in photos and could not be seen at the time.

Here are ten extremely creepy photographs of ghosts…


This photograph was reportedly ‘intended to be an innocent colour photo of Denise Russell’s grandma’, taken in 1997. However, the photograph also shows a man behind her who ‘bears a striking resemblance to grandma’s husband, who had been dead since 1994’.


Reportedly, a little girl died in front of the window on the right in this photograph.


Some reportedly believe that Myrtles Plantation is haunted by a woman wearing a green turban and many reportedly believed the ghost is that of a slave woman named Chloe.

Chloe was reportedly owned by Clark and Sara Woodruff and according to one story Clark had ‘pressured or forced Chloe into being his mistress’. Other versions of the legend, however, tell of Chloe ‘listening in at keyholes to learn news of Clark Woodruff’s business dealings or for other purposes’. The legend goes that after being caught, by either Sarah or Clark, one of her ears was cut off and she started wearing a green turban to hide it.

It’s believed that Chloe baked a poisoned cake to feed to the Woodruff’s but only Sarah and her daughters ate the cake and died and Clara was then hanged for her crimes.

Reportedly Norman Benoit, a ‘patent researchist’, after enlarging the image and ‘doing a shadow density procedure’ he discovered that ‘all of the physical measurements of the apparition were of human dimensions and proportions’. 

You can read more and about the ghosts of Myrtles Plantation in our wiki entry.


This photo, taken by ‘paranormal experts’ Ed and Lorraine Warren in a 1976 investigation. is believed to show the ghost of nine-year-old John DeFeo. John DeFeo, his brother, two sisters and his parents, were killed by the oldest brother Ronald DeFeo at the family home in Amityville.  

The investigation team reportedly captured this image using a ‘camera that consistently took infrared photos during the night’, that was set up on the second-floor landing. Reportedly, all other images they captured were normal and none caught any paranormal phenomena except for this photo.

However, some reportedly believed that the photo depicts Paul Bartz, who was part of the Warrens’ investigation team.


The caption included with the photo, from Reddit user ‘ohseven1098‘, claimed ‘only one person went up into that prison tower’.


This photo, reportedly taken in the 1950s, shows some of the Cooper family sitting at a table as well as a terrifying ‘unexpected guest hanging disturbingly from the rafters’.

The Cooper family were reportedly celebrating moving into a new home in Texas. Some people reportedly think that the photo may have captured the actual moment a dead body fell from the ceiling but the lack of reaction from the people in the photograph would seem to discount this. Another possible non-paranormal explanation is that the figure is that of a life-sized doll.

The original photo is also, according to some sources, cropped to the commonly known image which is why the family are not in the centre of the photo.


According to Buzzfeed, the Reddit user (Njfurlong) who sent this circa 1930 family photo in, claimed that their aunt had seen the ghost lady in the photo ‘a few times’ while growing up there in the 60’s and 70’s in New Zealand. Reportedly, she would see her ‘beside or at the end of her bed’.


This image was reportedly uploaded to Reddit with the caption – “Please tell me that is your shy daughter”.


Reportedly, in 1959, Mable Chinnery went to the cemetery with her husband to visit the grave of her mother. She claimed to have taken some photos of her mothers grave before turning around and taking this picture of her husband sitting alone in their car’s passenger seat. 

When the film was developed they saw, in the photo, somebody sitting in the backseat behind him wearing glasses. Mrs Chinnery reportedly swore that the ‘backseat driver’ was ‘none other than her own mother whose gravesite she was standing next to when she took the picture’.


The family who took this photo claimed that they were convinced that ‘a spirit haunted their home’ and that for years they talked about the ‘woman in white who lived in their house’. The woman was reportedly ‘sometimes vengeful’ and ‘sometimes peaceful’ and was ‘often seen simply standing around watching the family’. 

This photo was one that to them ‘provided proof of her existence’ and was captured ‘accidentally when the being happened to appear in the background of an ordinary photo’.

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