A Ouija, or spirit, board is a flat board with the alphabet, numbers, ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘goodbye’. A moveable pointer, usually a ‘planchette’ or sometimes a glass, is placed on the board and the user attempts to communicate with spirits or other paranormal entities during a ‘seance’. 


The main rules for using a Ouija or spirit board are:

  • never use a Ouija or spirit board alone – play with at least one other person
  • never end a session without saying goodbye
  • don’t ask for a physical sign from a spirit or entity or invite them in in any way
  • never taunt or antagonize a spirit or entity
  • don’t upset the spirit in any way – always show respect
  • do not treat a Ouija or spirit board like a game – take it seriously
  • do not use a Ouija or spirit board in a cemetery
  • do not use a board in your own home – if you connect with a malevolent spirit, the energy will be in your home and it will be harder to break contact
  • if you are depressed or in other mental distress avoid using a Ouija board – this kind of energy attracts and draws in malevolent spirits
  • do not use a Ouija board if you are feeling unwell
  • never burn a Ouija board as this can do more damage – if you are having problems with a board you should store the planchette and board out of the way and separately
  • one person should be the leader of the session – everyone else should remain silent throughout the session 
  • if you need to take a break at least one person must keep their fingers on the planchette – at least one person needs to be touching the planchette until you have said goodbye and closed the session
  • don’t believe everything the board tells you – some spirits will lie and pretend to be someone or something they are not
  • if the planchette starts doing “figure eights,”, counting down from Z to A, or counting down from 9 to 0, or going through the alphabet, end the session by moving the planchette to goodbye – if any of these things happen this indicates that the spirit is trying to escape from the board
  • if you suspect you are communicating with a malevolent spirit or entity say goodbye to end the session and leave the physical space you have been using the board in the help sever the negative energy
  • when you are finished do not leave the planchette on the board – remove the planchette from the board as leaving it there is considered bad luck
  • if the planchette starts to move from ‘Z’ to ‘O’ in a figure 8 movement say goodbye and close the session immediately – this is a sign you are speaking to a demon named Zozo

Some questions it’s best not to ask are:

  • when will I die?
  • are you an evil spirit?
  • how did you die?
  • are you going to hurt/kill me?
  • is god real?
  • are you a demon?
  • are you evil?

In general, you shouldn’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answer to.

Other advice for using a spirit or Ouija board includes…

  • don’t play with too many people to keep the session from being too chaotic, loud or distracting
  • make sure everyone is calm and respectful and will take the session seriously
  • remove distractions (turn off your phone, turn off any TV’s, laptops or computers, turn off any music, no children or animals running around etc.)
  • sometimes the board will be quiet and unresponsive and other times it will be very responsive so be patient if you don’t get a response close up the board and try again another time
  • for best results all players need to clear their minds and focus on the question being asked
  • if you are not leading the session you should remain quiet, with your eyes closed and focus your energy on the planchette
  • each player should distribute an equal amount of weight on the planchet, no one player should be dominating
  • you may want to have one person whose job it is to write down any responses to your questions
  • you should also only try to decipher the board’s answers after the planchette has stopped moving
  • the best time to use a board is reportedly in the very early hours of the morning
  • participants should be on either side of the board or in front of it, everyone needs to be able to clearly see the board and be able to comfortably keep their hand or finger on the planchet
  • be polite, do not try to antagonise or upset the spirit
  • ask simple questions, nothing that requires a long or complicated answer (what is your name, are you in the room with us, how many spirits are in the room, how old are you, who were you etc.)
  • don’t ask any silly questions that the spirit would not know the answer to, or ask any questions about the future
  • if you receive rude, negative or aggressive responses do not respond in kind, remain calm, polite and collected, and if you need to, say goodbye and close the session

Using the Ouija or spirit board

  • If you are talking to a deceased relative or friend have something of theirs nearby
  • the planchet should be resting on the letter “G” to start
  • all players should place their index and middle fingers gently and firmly, but not too stiffly, on the planchet so it can be easily moved
  • slowly move the planchette in circles to let the board warm up and concentrate on what you want to ask
  • the medium (the player guiding/leading the session) should greet the spirits and state that only positive and friendly spirits and energy are welcome
  • ask a question, start with the simplest until you get more of a feel for the session and the spirit/s you are communicating with but do not let any of the questions get too complicated 
  • if you are finished communicating, or the spirits seems like it is trying to escape from the board (see above), close the session – the medium should state that it is time to finish the session/séance and move the planchette over ‘goodbye’ on the board
  • if you enjoyed the time with your spirit you could try and wait for the spirit to move planchet to “goodbye” in return
  • before you put your board away rub it with a soft, dry cloth to help keep it clean and prevent dust and moisture from building up on it


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