This dashcam footage was filmed on the Cipali toll road in Indonesia. The road is reportedly known for frequent road traffic accidents and reports of ‘strange supernatural sightings’.


YouTuber FacelessKnights uploaded a video to their channel demonstrating the different visions modes available on the Xbox One Kinect Camera and when cycling through the camera modes a shadow figure appeared on one of the modes before disappearing.

FacelessKnights later uploaded a followup video.


Youtuber Whatever Entertainment uploaded a video to their channel in December 2016 explaining that in their Pennsylvania home there had been an ‘excess of noise’ in their basement in the ‘last few months’ and ‘constantly sounds like someone is going up and down’ the basement stairs.

The video intro text explains that the channel owner decided to film the noises as his wife believed the noises were caused by their cats. The video intro text also explains that when filming this video both cats were ‘upstairs in the kid’s room’ and that their dog was ‘in his cage’ and that you can ‘hear him crying about whatever is making noise in the basement.

You can hear the man’s dog whining in the background as well as footsteps, he then turns on the basement light and begins to go down the steps. The camera captures a shadow figure peeking round the corner. Skip to 1:15 to see the shadow figure.

Whatever entertainment reported that they were looking for a new house as he would ‘not raise his daughters in a place that is haunted’ and later, after moving, posted a follow-up video in which he described continuing to hear noises and footsteps in the new house but not seeing any shadow figures or apparitions.


Reportedly ranked as ‘one of the most famous ghost videos ever’, this video was filmed at Barton Mansion which is reportedly ‘one of the oldest houses in Redlands’ and the ‘most haunted house’ in the state of California.

In 2001 a group of teenagers decided to explore the abandoned building to see if it was really haunted and, according to the group, on their first visit they found ‘a piece of raw meat surrounded by a circle of stones by the basement door’. They returned the next night with a video camera and this video was captured as they were ‘exploring the house one last time.


In this video two young girls are sitting when one, facing the dark doorway behind the other girl, claims to see something behind the other girl which scares her. The other girl laughs at her until apparently seeing something behind her as well and screaming before running over to the woman holding the camera.

Right at the end of the video you can see a small dark shadow figure peeking around the corner of the doorway at a low height.


The Cage in St Osyth, England, is reportedly one of the most haunted buildings in the country. 

When paranormal investigator Brad Mac stayed the night with his team at The Cage in 2017, when on a live video feed, from a hidden camera, they saw one of the investigators ‘undergo a rather unsettling transformation’ and appeared to transform into some sort of demonic witch.

They instructed the woman to leave the room and come back downstairs believing that ‘whatever else was in that room was trying to [take] over’ and she ‘stumbled’ out of the room and went downstairs ‘in a panic’ where she started ‘clawing at her back’ and complained that ‘something was burning on her back’.

When her jumper was lifted up the team saw ‘what looked like four long burn marks splayed out like fingers and another going straight up her back into her neck’.You can read our wiki entry on The Cage here.


The YouTube urban exploration channel shiey posted this video in 2017 but did not notice the creepy figure which looks like a little girl behind a cross-section of pipes at the start of the video. Commenters pointed out the figure and the explorers reportedly said that if they had noticed the figure at the time ‘they probably would have run from the bomb shelter in terror’.


This video was recorded in a churchyard of a reportedly haunted church in the UK town of Esholt and was reportedly originally uploaded over 12 years ago and was one of the first ‘viral ghost videos’.


YouTuber EHAB QASMEYAH, from Jordan, posts ghost hunting videos online and posted this video in 2019. In the video, he is investigating a building which he calls the House of Khalil in which a man named Khalil reportedly went insane and killed his entire family in the house before ending his own life. The spirit of Khalil is said the haunt the house and in this video, he records strange noises, a figure looking through a door window, and later captures in a mirror a figure peeking over his shoulder.


The Ghosts Of Carmel Maine YouTube channel run by a man named Kent who claims that his house in Carmel Maine is haunted and that he began to experience activity after moving in and has extensively documented his experiences. The house was reportedly once lived in by an undertaker and part of it was supposedly once a funeral home. Kent has uploaded numerous videos which show an alleged ‘shadow man’, possibly the ghost of the undertaker, in the house.

On Oct 2, 2017 Kent uploaded a video in which he filmed what looked like the face of a ‘shadow man’ in a window of the house.

In a video uploaded on Oct 3, 2017, an apparition of what seems to be a man can be seen in the bedroom window at 1:00 and another apparition can be seen of a figure standing by the window before disappearing in a sudden shift at 1:52. Later in the video Kent filmed some sort of shadow figure in his bedroom, in the window, behind his curtain before it disappeared under the bed (14:04). A shadow figure can also be seen at 19:00 startling Kent and seeming to be ‘coming right at him’ as he returns to his bedroom after filming sounds at the top of his stairs.

On Nov 20, 2017 another video was uploaded in which, near the start of the video, Kent is surprised by a shadow figure in the bedroom again. The figure (around 1:40) looks as though it is sitting on his bed (replay – 2:40).

This video was later also uploaded to the channel on Jan 24, 2018.

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