Person hovering above the leaves in a forest

Doris Bither Poltergeist

The Doris Bither haunting, also known as the Entity haunting, allegedly occurred in 1974 in Culver City, California. Doris Bither claimed that she was plagued by poltergeist activity and that the spirits of th... Read More
Dark image of DLSR camera, with the lens pointing at the camera, on wood surface on a dark background with figure reflected in the lens

10 Creepy Photos of Ghosts

Some of the creepiest and most compelling visual evidence we have for ghosts are the images which capture something that can't be explained; a figure, a shadow or a face that shouldn't be there. Some entities ... Read More
Dark image of person silhouetted against a static screen

10 Terrifying Ghosts Caught on Camera

WARNING SOME OF THESE VIDEOS CONTAIN SWEAR WORDS1 | GHOST IN THE ROADThis dashcam footage was filmed on the Cipali toll road in Indonesia. The road is reportedly known for frequent road traffic acc... Read More
Smoke skull in old ornate mirror on black

Black Mirrors

A Black or Dark Mirror is a mirror which is not fully reflective and can be used for scrying, spirit contact or can show you your own death. They are popular with some clairvoyants as they mirrors are less exp... Read More