Black-eyed children, also known as black-eyed kids, are a contemporary urban legend and are reportedly creatures which resemble children or teenagers with completely black eyes. They are often encountered trying to hitchhike, approaching parked cars, on peoples doorsteps or outside their windows asking to come inside for some reason.


Black-eyed children are thought to have existed since at least the 1980s and there have been claims of encountering them hitchhiking, ‘panhandling’, knocking on windows, knocking on peoples doors or even approaching people in parked cars. 

They usually resemble children between the ages of 6 and 16 and usually only appear at night, most commonly appearing on peoples doorsteps in the night asking to come inside. They often ask to use their telephone, bathroom or for something to drink or ask for a lift in a person’s car. They have also been reported to, in one account, ask to use the ‘telegraph’.

They are reported to have no whites to their eyes (sclera), iris or pupil, but instead, have completely black eyes, and some have described their eyes changing during their encounter, and are often described as having pale skin or a ‘deathly pallor’. They have been reported to be wearing ‘white nightgowns’, and are often reported as wearing clothes that are out-of-date or ‘vintage’, drab and ‘nondescript’ clothes, often in dark colours but have also been seen in normal contemporary clothes.

They are also reported to have an unpleasant smell surrounding them, often musty or mouldy and generally quite earthy, sometimes sulphur and are also often described as having a ‘breathless’ and ‘monotonous’ voice, ‘high-pitched giggles’, as ‘well-spoken’ and to speak in a ‘direct’ and ‘demanding’ or even ‘aggressive’ way, however, they may begin being polite and then become angry if they are refused, not how children and teenagers normally speak.

They are sometimes reported to become extremely frustrated and angry if refused entry, even banging on doors and windows for hours, and it is believed that allowing a black-eyed child in your car or home will result in a curse, illness or even death.

In some accounts, witnesses also describe a ‘white-eyed’ child showing up after the black-eyed child or children and somehow setting their mind at ease.


Black-eyed children also appear in Native American Iroquois legends as black-eyed and pale-skinned possessed offspring of the ‘Evil Minded One’ and ‘unsuspecting Iroquois woman’. The ‘Evil Minded One’ is a ‘dark archetype’ and a ‘Satan like being’ who took the form of a ‘reptilian snake man’ but would also try to manifest in a human form in order to try and mate with the ‘unsuspecting Iroquois woman’.

Reportedly, a ‘black-eyed infant’ were usually killed at birth by ‘tribal elders’ and were then ‘burned to prevent resurrection’. It was also believed that unlucky children who became lost or alone in the woods would be easy targets for the ‘Evil Minded One’ to project Otkon onto. The ‘infected’ with Otkon were said to be ‘ferocious’, ‘mean’ and often had ‘a taste for human flesh’.

Otkon is a broad term used to describe evil or ‘negative energy, things, beings and or forces that live in the world around us’ which try to penetrate the world from the ‘underworld, the skies or other dimensions of consciousness and reality’ and try to ‘possess, destroy and be focused as a weapon against people, objects and animals’.

“Children would wander from the tribe and come back empty, with black eyes replacing their once normal eyes. It was said that the “Evil Minded One” had stolen their Orenda [the opposite of Otken] and replaced it with Otken and they were now his loyal servants, doing his bidding and infecting other children with Otkon. The Black Eyed Kids were said to be peculiar acting, repeated themselves frequently and paced around nervously. These evil Black Eyed Kids, caused havoc amongst their tribe as their goal was to destroy it with Otkon.” (Barlow Cross, 2019)


In Scandinavian mythology, there is also a creature with many similarities to contemporary black-eyed children lore and encounters, known as a Myling or sometimes known as Utburd meaning ‘that which is outside’ referring to the unspoken family practice of child infanticide.

A Myling is believed to be a ‘restless child spirit’ that was abandoned and left to die in a remote area, such as out in the ‘wilderness’ or outhouses, by their parents, without a ‘proper burial’, sometimes by a mother unable to care for the child or to ‘conceal an undesirable birth’.

These spirits are thought to be seeking revenge having been denied a name and a proper burial and are reported to ‘haunt the dwellings of the parents who abandoned them’ or the place they were left to die and are described as being ‘slender, with hollow eyes’.

They are also believed to sometimes ask a traveller to give them a name or to ask permission for something, or, if their parents go on to have more children, come back to claim the lives of their new children but ‘usually means to harm to the elders of its family but will contact them’. It was also believed that if a child was buried ‘under the floorboards of their house’ the Myling would ‘sing to their family through the floor’.

In one story a young bride who was ‘visited by a strange child’ during her wedding who ‘insisted on dancing with her’ and once she accepted she found that she couldn’t stop dancing and danced until she stopped dead ‘because the strange child was a Myling seeking revenge and preventing his mother from starting a new family’.

It’s also believed that the longer a Myling roams the earth, without a proper ‘family grave’ the older it becomes and that the only way to give the child’s spirit ‘the rest it seeks’ is to find it’s body and to give it a proper burial in ‘the family grave’ or in ‘consecrated ground’.

One story reportedly mentions the remains of children being found and then given a proper burial and not returning but instead resting in ‘eternal peace’.

“This Scandinavian story is an excellent example of how ghost stories do reflect people’s lives and beliefs at various times in history. Why these stories were told was to make people more aware of infanticide.” (Lamkin, 2014)

Some stories say that a Myling might call out to a traveller passing by asking for a name and the traveller should say ‘you can have my name, my name is [their name]’ to ‘calm the Myling’s restless soul’. Another typical Myling story tells of a restless child spirit who waylays a lone traveller, usually at night, in the woods or other remote and lonely place, jumping on their victims back and demanding to be taken to a graveyard. 

The Myling is reportedly described as an ‘enormous spirit’ which becomes heavier and heavier as their victim carries them to the graveyard and takes on ‘more of a human form’ as they near the graveyard.

Some stories also have the Myling being able to ‘suck the life force out of their victims’ and another story tells that the spirit would become such a heavy burden that the person carrying them would ‘sink into the ground as they walked’. Myling supposedly hardly ever kill these victims, however, unless they were unable to carry the Myling all the way to the cemetery, they would reportedly die of ‘exertion’.

In another tale however, a farmer, in Sweden, when ‘coming home late from the inn’ met, on the road, a little boy who asked him ‘grandpa, grandpa, may I nurse?’ but the old man refused to answer and kept walking. When the boy continued to ask his question over and over again the old man reportedly said ‘if you have a nurse, go suckle, but you will not get any milk from me’. 

The boy left and when the old man got home he found his young daughter dead in her bed ‘with blood flowing from her breast’ and the old man’s reply ‘had given the unnamed boy permission to take revenge on his young mother’ and the tale ends with – ‘when the boy was given permission to nurse, he knew where to go’.



The contemporary black-eyed children legend is believed to originate from a 1998 ‘ghost-related mailing list post’, from Brian Bethel, a journalist and columnist at Reporter-News, in which he claimed to have encountered ‘those darned black-eyed kids’ reportedly outside of a movie theatre in an empty parking lot in Abilene, Texas in 1996. Bethel also claimed that someone he knew had also had a similar experience in Portland, Oregon. This post is believed by some to be the earliest known encounter with black-eyed kids on record but there are some less well-known earlier encounters recorded.

Screenshot of archive of Brian Bethel's post/email

Bethel has told his story on online and in interviews and claims to have initially only meant to share his story with a small group of people but that his story ‘exploded’ on its own and that he was also encouraged by those who heard his story to share it with others.

According to Bethel, he parked his car in front of a movie theatre ‘on a spring or summer evening’, reportedly between 9:30 pm and 10 pm, and was writing out a check for his internet provider using the light of the theatre marquee, and about to make his way to Camalott Communications’ office on North 1st Street, when two young boys approached his car and knocked on the window. They were reportedly about the age from 9 to 12 and were wearing ‘hooded pullovers’ and jeans.

Bethel described one boy as ‘a somewhat suave, olive-skinned, curly-headed pale young man’ who Bethel said was the spokesman, and the other boy who didn’t speak as ‘a redheaded, pale-skinned, freckled young man’ and standing further back. Bethel also claimed that as soon as the two boys approached him he was ‘immediately gripped by an incomprehensible, soul-wracking fear’.

They knocked on the car window on the driver’s side and started talking so Bethel cracked the car window as they told him that they wanted to see a movie premiere playing at the theatre but had forgotten their money and left it at home. They said they ‘wanted a ride home to get money’ from there mother and back to the theatre and said ‘it’s not far away we just need a ride’. Bethel thought that this sounded reasonable but thought it was kind of strange that two young boys would ask a stranger this. 

He has said that he had an ‘immediate fear response’ and ‘terror’ at the idea of ‘being anywhere near these kids’ but had no idea why. He stated that he found this feeling  ‘completely inexplicable’, that he ‘couldn’t understand it’ and couldn’t ‘begin to comprehend where it was coming from’. He also described feeling as ‘palpable’ and ‘terrible’ and that he found himself in ‘absolutely, utter fear and to some degree in awe of these two kids’.

“All throughout this exchange, the irrational fear continued and grew. I had no reason to be frightened of these two boys, but I was. Terribly.” (Wagner, 2018)

Bethel said that he tried to ‘rationalise this’ and ‘catch his breath’, and then told the boys that he ‘didn’t know about that, I’m just here to do this one thing’. He also said that he was ‘just trying to feel the situation out because there’s something wrong with it’.

The ‘spokesman’ of the two boys seemed to get a ‘little irritated’ and ‘kept going on’ trying to give Bethel assurances saying that it ‘wouldn’t take long’, ‘it’s not far away’, that they were just ‘two little kids’ and that they ‘didn’t have a gun or anything’. Bethel described the last comment about not having a gun as ‘a bit unnerving’ and that he would always remember it. Bethel has also stated that he had more than once caught himself with his hand unconsciously ‘trying to stray’ towards the car door handle.

The fear at this point, according to Bethel, had ‘mounted to an absolute fever pitch’ and that he could not understand why and asked them what movie they wanted to see. The two boys told him that they wanted to see Mortal Kombat. Bethel noted that the movie had already started so driving the two boys anywhere would mean they missed most of the movie and would be pointless so there was ‘no reason’ for them to try to see it.

Bethel said that when he looked away from the two boys and then looked back ‘something had changed’ and he claimed to ‘finally notice what’s wrong’ and what was ‘tickling at the back of his brain’ to make him so frightened of them. He realised that it was their eyes, which were ‘absolutely, completely coal-black’ but still reflecting the theatre lights and that it was like ‘looking into a void’ and ‘had no light’ and were missing something.

When he noticed this, Bethel went into ‘a complete panic’, felt an ‘immediate flight or fight response’ and ‘had to get away from them’. He also later described that there was a feeling of ‘almost time slowing down’ and that he didn’t hear any traffic throughout the whole experience like ‘everything zeroed in on this pair’.

He reportedly ‘tried to keep his behavior normal’ and ‘muttered a few excuses’, told them that he couldn’t help them then rolled up the window and that the spokesman then started ‘slamming on the window, hammering, absolutely beating on it’, to the point that Bethel was concerned for the glass of the window, and was according to Bethel, obviously completely furious. However, the silent boy reportedly had a ‘what the hell is going on the expression like he was thinking this is not the way it’s supposed to go’. He claimed that the spokesman told him that ‘Mr we can’t come inside your car unless you tell us it’s ok, let us in’.

Bethel ‘threw the car into reverse’ and rushed away in his car. He claimed that when he stole a glance in his rearview mirror the children had vanished ‘within seconds’ and he couldn’t see anywhere they could possibly have gotten to hide.

“My mind exploded in a vortex of all-consuming terror. Both boys stared at me with coal-black eyes. The sort of eyes one sees these days on aliens or bargain-basement vampires on late-night television Soulless orbs like two great swathes of starless night. I full-on freaked out inside while trying to appear completely sane and calm. I made whatever excuses came to mind, all of them designed to get me the hell out of there. I wrapped my hand around the gearshift, threw the car into reverse, and began to roll up the window, apologizing all the while. My fear must have been evident. The boy in the back wore a look of confusion. The spokesman banged sharply on the window as I rolled it up. His words, full of anger, echo in my mind even today: ‘We can’t come in unless you tell us it’s okay. Let us in!’ I drove out of the parking lot in blind fear, and I’m surprised I didn’t sideswipe a car or two along the way. I stole a quick look in my rearview mirror before peeling out into the night. The boys were gone. Even if they had run, I don’t believe there was any place they could have hidden from view that quickly.” (Wagner, 2018)

After this incident, Bethel claims that he gave a friend a call, whose girlfriend who claims to be sensitive was with him and put Bethel on speaker so they could both hear the story. According to Bethel, the girlfriend asked him, before he had gotten to that part of his story or mentioned the boy’s eyes, ‘ wait a minute did the kids have black eyes?’. When he told her that yes they did she reportedly said ‘well it’s a good thing you didn’t let them into your car you would have been killed’.

He also began sending ‘private emails’ to a ‘trusted few’ friends about his experiences. His story also began to spread like ‘wildfire’ on the internet and black-eyed children began to be thought of as a ‘modern paranormal phenomenon’.

After Bethel told his story a lot of other people reached out to him to tell him that they believed him or to share their own similar stories, and ghost hunters reportedly received ‘many similar reports’ however none offered any ‘physical evidence’.

“But as the stories spread, they often shared common elements. It is always night and often there is a storm. The person encountering the BEKs was just going about his or her normal activities when the BEKs appeared. They felt extreme fear and ran away or drove away just in time. These are typical elements of urban legends.” (Wagner, 2018)


In September of 2014, British tabloid newspaper The Daily Star ran several front-page stories about a black-eyed child that was reportedly terrorising the area of Cannock Chase in Staffordshire, England. The paper also reported that, following their stories, ‘frightened Daily Star readers’ called in to say they had also seen the ‘creatures’ in Liverpool, Scotland, and the ‘southwest’.

They also reported claims that a pub in Cannock Chase was haunted by several ghosts including a ‘black-eyed child apparition’ as well as a ‘roundhead soldier’ and a ‘jilted woman called Emily who sobs in the toilets’. The pub was reportedly for sale but was not able to attract a buyer due to the reports and experiences of the supposed haunting.

The Daily Star’s stories were based on the testimony of paranormal investigator Lee Brickley, who has also authored books on the paranormal. Brickley decided to investigate the reports as these new accounts were very similar to encounters reported in the 1980s in Cannock Chase.

Several papers also reportedly referred to the ‘historic sightings’ of the black-eyed children, writing that the children were being seen in the UK ‘for the first time in 30 years’ and there have also reportedly been sightings of Slender Man and The Pig Man in Cannock Chase. 

The Birmingham Mail also reported on Lee Brickley’s ‘attempts to investigate sightings of black-eyed children at a beauty spot in Cannock, Staffordshire’ and interviewed him. Brickley told the paper that an ‘unnamed woman’ told him of her encounter with a black-eyed child’. The Birmingham Mail also joined Brickley on his ‘nightly vigil’ to try and catch a ‘glimpse of the unkempt anaemic infant’.

Brickley claimed that a local woman, who reportedly was with her young daughter in Birches Valley, heard a ‘terrifying scream which she believed to be a child in danger’ and ‘instantly started running towards the noise’. She reportedly did not initially see anyone and stopped to ‘catch their breath’ but then noticed a ‘girl dressed in white stood behind her’ who was silent and holding her hands over her eyes ‘as if she was waiting for a birthday cake’. She said that she had asked the girl if she was okay and if ‘she had been the one screaming’ when she put her hands down and opened her eyes and the women then noticed that they were ‘completely black, no iris, no white, nothing’ and she ‘jumped back and grabbed her daughter’ and when she ‘looked again’ the child was gone.

He also wrote on his paranormal website, reported to the media and later included the story in his book, the story of his own aunt who experienced a similar encounter with a black-eyed child in the summer of 1982 when she was 18 years old. Brickley’s aunt would reportedly meet with her friends on Cannock Chase with friends in the evening and on one evening ‘just before dark’ she heard ‘a little girl frantically shouting for help’ calling ‘help mommy help’ and ‘rushed to locate the sound’. She reportedly ‘stumbled upon a dirt track’ and caught sight of a girl who was about six to eight years old and was running in the opposite direction.

Brickley claimed that when his aunt caught up to the girl and placed her hand on the girls shoulder when the girl turned around and ‘looked her in the eyes’ and his aunt saw that her eyes were ‘completely black with no trace of white’ but that she appeared to be ‘flesh and blood’. The girl then ran off again ‘into the dark woodland’ and disappeared. Her eyes had been completely black with no trace of white. There was reportedly a police search but nothing was found and at the time ‘no-one had any reason to believe anything paranormal was going on’. 

“It was only later, when discussing the incident with a neighbour, that my auntie was made aware of Raymond Morris’s 1960s child killings in the area. Sufficed to say, this revelation really spooked her. Although there have been many other sightings of this nature in the area, and I certainly don’t completely rule out the theory that they are indeed the ‘ghosts’ of children murdered by Morris, to me it seems that, as these children often appear to be completely solid and never really show any unusual qualities, their origin could lay squarely in the realms of the occult.” (Buzzfeed, 2014)

In April 2015 a drone was flown over the fields of Cannock CHase and recorded a video which was uploaded to YouTube. In the background of the video there appears to be the figure of a person which some believe to be a ‘strange girl, dressed in white and matching descriptions of the alleged black-eyed girl’ from reported encounters in Cannock Chase.



In June of 2017, Brent Swancer posted the story of his own encounter with black-eyed kids to Mysterious Universe. The encounter occurred when he had just turned eighteen, and was 6ft 3 inches tall and ‘pretty muscular’ at the time, and was on a road trip, ‘just before’ he headed off to college, from his home town in California to Denver, Colorado to visit a friend.

Along the way ‘somewhere in the wilds of Nevada’ with an ‘endless, monotonous road ahead’ he caught himself ‘nodding off at the wheel on several occasions’ and, as he didn’t have the money for a hotel, he decided to pull over at a ‘rest area off the highway’ and take a ‘nap’ in his car.

He planned to sleep for a couple of hours, in the ‘rather remote’ area and then head off along the highway again. There were no other vehicles at the rest stop ‘giving it all a rather bleak and imposing atmosphere’ but he parked, put his chair back and fell asleep.

Swancer wrote that he was woken by ‘tapping’ on the car window and ‘jumped awake’. It was light enough that at first, he thought it was ‘early morning’ and was ‘somewhat startled’ to see a young man standing there ‘peering’ in at him.

The young man was ‘skinny’ and looked like he was in his ‘early twenties’ or ‘late teens’ and not much older than Swancer was at the time. He was ‘dressed normally’ and did not look like a ‘vagrant’ or ‘threatening in any noticeable way’, however, Swancer ‘immediately wondered why he was out there in the middle of nowhere and what he wanted’.

The man ‘simply and calmly’ said “‘open the door’ and Swancer claimed he ‘immediately had a distinct sense of palpable menace’ and an ‘undefinable feeling of threat’ and was glad that he had locked the doors of the car. Swancer ‘simply’ said ‘no’ and the man ‘demanded’ again, ‘Open the door’ but this time he said it in ‘almost a growl’.

Swancer then noticed that here were two others with him ‘lurking in the background’ and that that there was also a pick-up truck, with a mounted spotlight turned on and pointed at the ground, nearby which I assumed to be theirs. He also realised that the spotlight on the truck was the area appeared ‘surprisingly illuminated’ and actually it was still the middle of the night, not early morning as he had previously thought.

Thinking that it was ‘just some kids screwing around’ Swancer took out a knife he had brought with him and ‘just held it there where [the young man] could see it hoping it ‘would maybe scare them away’. This had the ‘opposite effect’ however and the young man reportedly became ‘absolutely infuriated’ and let out ‘an animalistic howl or wail, quite chillingly inhuman in its intensity’. And he ‘violently shoved [the] car to send the vehicle quaking’ and Swancer actually felt the car ‘lift from the ground a bit’.

“It was breathtakingly horrifying, totally out of nowhere, and was a jarring, frightening display of strength I never would have expected from a person, let alone someone with such a slim frame. It is hard to describe just the amount of alarm I felt at that moment.” (Swancer, 2017)

He then noticed that the two people behind the man who had woken him up ‘had something quite off about them’ and he could see that their eyes were ‘either glowing or reflecting light like those of a cat which either way you might recognize as something that human eyes do not do’.

Swancer also wrote that they somehow looked ‘blurry’ and ‘fuzzy’, like when you are watching a ‘TV program with bad transmission and the people on the screen look jumpy and distorted’, and seemed ‘distorted, broken, and vague as if infused with some sort of static’.

“It was breathtakingly horrifying, totally out of nowhere, and was a jarring, frightening display of strength I never would have expected from a person, let alone so“It was almost as if they were tenuous, having trouble with staying in focus, staying in reality, having difficulty existing, or that they were quivering or moving to and fro at great speed.” meone with such a slim frame. It is hard to describe just the amount of alarm I felt at that moment.” (Swancer, 2017)

Then, one of the two behind the man, a girl ‘around the same age as the man’ was ‘suddenly just there beside him’ she ‘was standing in the background some distance away’ and then ‘was right there in the blink of an eye’. The man was ‘panting and scowling like a rabid dog’ and man’s face was ‘twisted and contorted beyond the thin pane of window separating us’ and the woman told him to ‘open the door now’.

Swancer then snapped out of his ‘shock’ and started his car up, ‘honestly’ thinking that it wouldn’t start because ‘they must have done something to it to cripple it’ and was afraid that he would be ‘stuck there in its metal prison until they smashed their way in or someone came along to help’.

To his ‘genuine surprise’ the car started and he ‘tore out of there’ as fast as he could and as he did so the light on the pick-up truck ‘immediately sprung to life’ and swung to ‘home in on’ him ‘blinding in its brightness’ and ‘following [his] car with perfect precision’. Swancer ‘stepped on the gas’ and ‘was shocked to see’ that the third of the group, not the young man who woke him or woman, or ‘even another hiding in the shadows’ who he hadn’t seen, ‘was running along side [the] car’.

At this point, he was reportedly almost to the ‘actual highway and steadily picking up speed’ and was going about ‘40 miles an hour at that moment’ yet this man was ‘easily’ keeping up with his car.

“As he ran, barely even looking tired, he reached out to knock on my window, and it was all so totally strange and frightening that I remember I let out a scream, something that I usually do not do and which I can probably count on one hand how many times I’ve done it.” (Swancer, 2017)

As he reached the highway and ‘picked up speed’ the man still tried to keep up with Swancer’s car and continued ‘banging on [the] window the whole time with increasing force’ and Swancer claims he ‘made it up to around 50 miles per hour’ before the man ‘finally fell behind and faded into the distance’.

Swancer ‘drove off as fast as [he] could’ while the ‘persistent spotlight’ continued to follow his car until he was ‘out of sight’ but ‘oddly’ didn’t give chase. Swancer drove until he reached an ‘off-ramp into a populated place’ and ‘must have sat there at a diner for about 3 hours, shaking and trembling at the whim of the adrenaline that was coursing through [him]’.

“I could not keep my hands still, I must have looked a mess, and I remember the waitress asking if I was alright on numerous occasions, but I lied and said that I was just frightened because I had almost crashed out on the road. I don’t know why I didn’t tell anyone or call the police. It is probably because I didn’t think they would believe me, hell I barely believed it.” (Swancer, 2017)

Swancer wrote that he never told his friend in Colorado about the experience and has actually never told anyone at all about it posting about this encounter online in 2017 as he was ‘terrified to tell anyone about what really happened’.

“This may all sound very dramatic, but I assure you it did happen, I am not exaggerating, and to this day it is rather traumatic to think about. I truly feel that I was not meant to make it out of there alive, and that I should have died or even worse at that rest area. My life was surely in some form of danger. I often find myself wondering how many other travelers along that desolate stretch of highway were confronted by those odd strangers, and what would have happened to me if I had opened my door as they had demanded. To this day, it gives me duress just to bring up these memories. Adding to this is that I have never been able to figure out just what exactly happened there on that highway or just who or what it is that I encountered. It is so bizarre and inexplicable, and doesn’t even clearly fit any strange phenomena I know of. Who were those people? Were they even people at all? If not, what were they? Were they wraiths of some sort? Black Eyed Kids? Shadow people? Vampires, for Pete’s sake? What? I mean, what in the world was going on there? Who were they? I have no answers for it, and the whole incident leaves me baffled and not a little frightened to this day. I was not drinking at the time, and I was not doing drugs. I would really like there to be a pat, mundane explanation for it all, but I can find none.” (Swancer, 2017)


In the village of Aisne in the Picardi region of France, there was reportedly an encounter with black-eyed children in 1974 involving two men reportedly named as Alain G. and Patrick V. They reportedly encountered the black-eyed children at around 3 PM while ‘leisurely driving’ around the small village and enjoying the ‘Autumn weather’, when they stopped their car to do a turn in the road and when, upon turning, they glanced into one property’s courtyard they saw five ‘mysterious figures’ who appeared to be looking at them. Three reportedly stood in the ‘background huddled together’, another of the figures was ‘tracing its hands along the home’ and the last stood facing the two men.

They were reportedly around four feet tall, had ‘earthy yellow skin’ and noses which were ‘compressed inwards’, had long hair down to their waists, were all dressed in the same ‘long garments’ which ‘almost reached the ground’ and were decorated with ‘multicoloured spots’ and were also described as having eyes which were described as ‘solid black hemispheres, the size of billiard balls’.

Alain rolled the window on his side of the car to get a better look when his ‘blood ran cold when faced with the being’. The ‘being’ closest to the car waved at the men and ‘gestured to them to come into the courtyard’ but the men became unnerved and frightened, Alain reportedly ‘screamed in terror for Patrick to drive away’ and the two drove quickly away from the area and too a ‘nearby town’.

They told several locals of what they had witnessed returned later with some more people but were not able to find any sign of the figures they saw before. When investigators spoke to residents in the area eight months later one neighbour reportedly stated that he had also seen the ‘strange figures’ and believed they were children and had seen them playing in the road and thought that they seemed to be dress in ‘yellow oilcloth’.

The drawing done by the witness



An unnamed US Marine reportedly had an encounter with black-eyed kids, while based at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, at the barracks where he was living, in November of 2009.

The marine reported his story anonymously, claiming that he was alone in his room watching a movie one evening when there was a knock on his door. Thinking it was his roommate having forgotten their key he opened the door and found two ‘small children’ instead. The Marine claimed to have been ‘filled with dread and had an impulse to slam the door shut as fast as he could’ before he had even noticed that they both had ‘jet-black eyes’.

He managed to ask the children what they wanted and while staring at him, they said reportedly that it was cold outside and they wanted to come inside and read. The Marine then realized that there was one else within sight and gave in to the ‘impulse that was racing through him’ to shut the door quickly when the children took a step towards him and his room.

They started knocking on his door again however and reportedly continued this for several minutes as well as some ‘rattling from his window’ before the noises finally stopped and the children ‘appeared’ to be gone. The Marine claimed to have made some ‘idle inquiries’ the next morning but the few people who had also been on the base during his encounter told him that they hadn’t seen or heard ‘anything strange.


A reportedly, 6’7″ tall and 260 lbs, US Marine was also in his army barracks, in Texas, drinking a beer and settling in for the night when he heard a ‘sharp knock on the door’. He assumed it was his neighbour, who he shared a bathroom with which connected their rooms, and opened the bathroom door but found nothing.

There was a ‘sharp rapping’ at the door again and he decided to look out his bedroom door peephole and saw a teenage boy who looked like he was around seventeen or 18 years old. He opened the door and asked him ‘what was up’ and the boy reportedly looked up with a smile the marine described as ‘particularly cruel and hungry-looking’.

He claimed that the boy’s face was ‘gaunt’ and ‘frail’ looking and he asked to be ‘let in to use the phone’. The Marine said no as he was going to sleep and ‘directed him to the service building across the parking lot and closed the door.

The boy knocked again and instead of opening the door he went to the window intending ‘intimidate’ and to ‘yell at him’ and pulled the window blinds up and looked straight at the boy and the boy looked up at the marine.

He reported that just ‘just looking at the thin, gaunt kid gave him the creeps’ and made him ‘feel uneasy as all hell’ and he then, for the first time, noticed the boys eyes which were ‘black as coal’. The boy asked to be let in again with a ‘creepy, predatory smile’ and the marine noticed his eyes for the first time.

“They were empty looking coals and a smile crept to his mouth – that same hungry predatory smile – and I felt goosebumps on my legs and back. Something wasn’t right. I said, ‘I’m going to tell you one more time before I kick your ass to get lost.’” (Swancer, 2018)

He turned to grab his phone but when he turned back around the boy was gone. The marine claimed to not be able to shake the feeling that he had seen the strange boy before and that ‘all of this was familiar’.

He then reportedly remembered that he had watched his brother ‘have a similar interaction’ two years earlier while he was still in high school and was living in Pennsylvania. The marine had been working the night shift at a gas station when, while he was having a smoke ‘out front’ with his brother, they saw ‘some kid walking across four lanes towards them’.

His brother asked him if he needed anything and this boy also asked to use a phone but was told that the phone was ’back by the register’ and that no one was ‘allowed’ to use it. The brothers then went back inside but the boy ‘didn’t take no for an answer’ and ‘stood in front of the shop just knocking on the window’. The brother eventually ‘chased him off with a bat’ but when he came back he reported to his brother that ‘the kid was pale and had black eyes’. The marine claimed that it was the same black-eyed boy he later saw on his military base.


Catherine Howard was the fifth wife of Henry VIII and was imprisoned at Hampton Court Palace for adultery before she was executed at the age of 21 in 1542. Reportedly, her black-eyed ghost has been seen ‘regularly’ at Hampton Court Palace

A photograph taken by coach driver for York Pullman Bus Company and is ‘avid ghost hunter for more than a decade’ Trevor Tyre reportedly of Catherine Howard’s ghost appears to show the ‘dark-eyed spectre’ kneeling in the gallery and peering over the railings.

He reportedly took the picture when he ventured into the palace to take some pictures himself while he was waiting for his tour group to return and didn’t notice that he had caught a figure in the picture until he got home and a friend looked at his pictures and asked him who the girl in the picture was.

“I was very careful when taking the picture to ensure no one was in the room – the last thing I wanted was someone ruining my shot. I don’t know who the ghost is, but it is either a young woman or perhaps a girl of maybe 16 or 17. It is hard to make out the age of her clothing but it doesn’t look modern. It looks like she is looking down and reading something on a stand in front of her.” (Keane, 2015)

Tyre claimed that he sent the picture to the palace, who reportedly told him that a security guard at Hampton Court had also spotted the ghost of a ‘young woman or girl’ in the same spot that Tyre’s photo shows her in, on more than one occasion.

One room of Hampton Court has reportedly become known as the ‘Haunted Gallery’ due to how many alleged sightings of Catherine Howard there have been there. She is normally reported as being seen in a white gown ‘much like the one in Trevor’s picture’. The story goes that after Catherine Howard was imprisoned at Hampton Court she ‘momentarily escaped from her guards’ and took this route looking for King Henry VIII in order to beg for her life and profess her innocence.

“Whether it is indeed Catherine Howard or an unknown black-eyed child, several staff members at Hampton Court Palace have stated that the figure has been seen by many people over the years.” (Lowth, 2019)


Eighteen years old Carris Holdsworth was heading home to her apartment, just before 11 PM, after a night out when she claimed to have noticed two teenage boys standing in her yard. She reached into her purse to make sure she could reach her pepper spray easily and tried to ‘sneak’ past them but they both ‘turned simultaneously’. Holdsworth reported feeling an instant ‘primal terror’ and ‘gripped’ on to the pepper spray in her purse. 

The older of the two boys said to her ‘No need for that. We just want to borrow your phone, miss’ like he knew what she was hiding in her bag and what she was thinking. Holdsworth then noticed that their eyes were ‘pitch black’ with ‘no white at all’ and felt her ‘flight response kick into gear’ as she ran to her door and ‘fumbled’ for her keys as the two boys followed her.

One of them said to her ‘please, miss, my mother won’t be happy if she doesn’t know where we are’ but all of her ‘instincts’ were telling her to get away from them. She still felt ‘a twinge of guilt’ and considered helping them but ‘that feeling was quickly buried in the deep sense of dread that was steadily washing over her’.

Holdsworth got inside her house, slammed shut and locked the door and went into her kitchen when the boys knocked on her front door. She ignored the knocking but there was another knock on the door and the ‘feeling of dread began to make its way through her body’ and she decided to ‘brave a silent peek through the peephole’. The two boys were reportedly staring at her ‘through the peephole like they could see inside’ and one of them asked to be let in to use the phone and the other said that they wouldn’t hurt her and that they ‘have no weapons to hurt you with’.

Holdsworth ‘ordered them’ to leave her alone and made sure that everything was ‘locked tight’ and called a friend to come over but the boys didn’t leave until her friend arrived. Her friend also reportedly felt the same ‘overwhelming sense of danger’ when they arrived and Holdsworth moved soon after and claims to now always check her peephole before opening the door.


In January 2016 a ‘report’ appeared on the internet, reportedly having come from an ‘unnamed woman’, who claimed to live in a ‘small home’, ‘outside of [a rural town in]‘ in Vermont. She also said that she lived in a ‘tight-knit community where everyone knows one another and people don’t lock their doors at night’, down ‘a dirt road just off the rural route into town’.

The woman claimed to have ‘not only encountered black-eyed children but made the mistake of allowing them into her home’. Reportedly, according to the ‘report’, she believed the decision to let them into her home ‘would have lasting implications’.

The report told of how, one evening, in the middle of a blizzard, she was woken up by a ‘loud banging’ at the front door of the house she shared with her husband and, thinking that someone had been in a ‘motor accident’ due to the blizzard she went to answer the door.

She looked out the window and saw that their motion spotlight was on and saw ‘footprints in the snow leading to the house’ but ‘no sign of a vehicle on the road’. She also noticed that ‘snow was still covering the road and no one had driven on it for at least a couple hours’ but their front door was ‘obscured from the window’ but she could see that someone was standing there.

She claimed to have felt ‘a feeling of dread wash over her for reasons she couldn’t understand’ and didn’t ‘know what to think’ so she decided to wake up her husband ‘just to feel safer.’ While she was waking her husband and telling him ‘what was going’ on the banging on the door continued.

When he opened the door, there were two children, a boy and a girl who ‘could not have been more than eight years old’, standing in the snow looking toward the ground. They had ‘odd haircuts’ and were dressed ‘strangely’ and ‘not for the cold conditions outside’ 

Reportedly, the girl had hair that was ‘very long and straight’ and the boy had a ‘dated haircut that looked almost like a bowl cut’ and the woman’s first thought was that they ‘must have been Mennonite children’ but that, as far as she knew, there was never a ‘large community of Mennonites near’.

She claimed to instantly feel ‘unnerved by their presence’ but ‘despite her probable better judgement’ and despite their ‘great sense of unease’ she invited the two children inside out of the cold.

“Thinking back on it I know that my normal reaction to seeing children in a snowstorm would have been to rush them inside and bundle them up with some blankets and hot cocoa, but that’s not how this felt. The children were very unnerving. They would not make eye contact and when my husband asked them if everything was ok they asked if they could come in. It was around 2 o’clock in the morning at this point so the only reasonable thought in my head was that there must have been an accident or these kids got lost. As much as my instincts told me not to bring them inside I did it anyway.” (Newkirk, 2016)

The woman reported that she ‘regretted it almost instantly’ but offered to make the pair a cup of hot chocolate ‘to warm them up’ but they only replied with ’our parents will be here soon’.

She decided to make them the drinks anyway and went to the kitchen while her husband took them into the living room and while she was making the drinks she could hear her husband talking to the kids. He was asking them ‘if they were ok, where the came from, how far they walked if their parents’ car was broken down’ but they continued to only ever answer with ‘they’ll be here soon’ in a ‘sing-songy voice’ and didn’t seem to be afraid to be in a strangers house at all.

The woman then noticed that their four cats ‘appeared to be afraid of the visitors’ and were all hiding except for one, named Pidgeon, who was in kitchen with her and would ‘hiss at [the children] as they passed’ which she claimed was ‘unusual behaviour’ for all of them. According to her they were normally ‘very curious and friendly and we have to be careful that they don’t run out the door when we leave’ but when the two children came inside ‘none of them even tried to see who was [here]’.

Reportedly all the hair on Pigeon’s neck was standing up and his tail was puffed up while he looked into the living room and when the woman ‘bent down to pet him and see what was wrong ‘he hissed and started growling and backed up until he had hid himself under the kitchen island’ which she had never seen him do before.

When she came back into the room with the hot chocolate the two children were sitting on the couch ‘as still as can be’ and her husband was ‘holding his head in his hands’. She asked him what was wrong and he told her that he felt ‘very dizzy all of a sudden’ but that he was ‘fine’. She turned to give the children their hot chocolate and when they looked up at her ‘to take the drinks’ she noticed with ‘horror’ that ‘where their eyes should have been were two jet-black balls like giant pupils’ and it took ‘everything inside’ of her to ‘not to drop the mugs and run away’.

As she stared at them they saw that she was scared they both stood up and ‘suddenly asked’ if they could use the bathroom. The woman reported that she tried to remain calm and directed them to their bathroom and they went into the bathroom together then she hurried back to her husband to ask him if he had seen their eyes.

He told her that he had seen them too and said that it ‘looked like his brother’s badly bruised eyes after a car accident’ and they were in the middle of talking about ‘whose children they could be’ when the husband’s nose started to bleed. She claimed that her husband had ‘’never had nosebleeds as long as [she] had known him’ and that she ‘knew inside myself that this had something to do with the kids in the bathroom’. She started crying and starting running to get her husband some tissues when the power went out and she heard her husband shout her name from the living room.

As she started back through the hallway to the living room she stopped ‘dead in [her] tracks’ as she was confronted with the sight of the two children ‘standing at the end of the hallway’, motionless in the dark. She reported being ‘never being so scared in my whole life’.

The two children then ‘broke the silence’ and told her ‘our parents are here’ before opening the front door and ‘making their way back out into the night’. The woman also reported that when she went to close the front door she saw the children getting into a ‘black car’ as ‘two tall men, both dressed in suits, stood next to it’ and then they too got into the car and they drove away.

After ‘what felt like forever’ the boy told her ‘our parents are here’ and then they both walked to the front door, opened it, and walked out ‘leaving it wide open’ and her husband ‘jumped up to go close [the door] and almost fell over’. They both then looked out of the windows and saw ‘two men standing by a black car idling at the end of our driveway’ who looked like they were wearing ‘black coloured suits’ and were ‘very tall, at least 6 feet’. When her husband waved at them they just stared at them then got into the car and drove off. 

Their power reportedly came on ‘about a half an hour later’ but ‘nothing was the same after that’. The woman also claimed that within months of the encounter, three of their four cats went missing and the fourth cat, Pidgeon, who had hissed at the two children, was found dead ‘in a pool of blood’ on the living room floor looking like he had been ‘vomiting blood’. The vet reportedly told them that he had ‘some kind of haemorrhage’.

Her husband’s nose bleeds also continued and became ‘a regular occurrence’, and he was eventually diagnosed with ‘an aggressive form of skin cancer’. The doctors reportedly told them that the type of Melanoma he had was ‘linked to over-use of indoor tanning’ but her husband ‘ never worked an outdoor job and spends relatively little time in the sun’.

The woman who reported the encounter to Week In Weird also reportedly claimed that she also began to suffer from ‘chronic nosebleeds’ and her health slowly deteriorated as well and she described herself as being in ‘the worst condition of her life’.

“Since we let the Black Eyed Kids inside our home I’ve also suffered from regular dizzy spells and nosebleeds on a regular basis. I’ve had other issues which I won’t mention here but trust me when I say that I am suddenly in the worst condition of my life and no one can do anything about it. I know that all of this is because I let the Black Eyed Children into my home. We’ve told everyone we could about the strange kids that showed up that night but no one else saw them and some laugh at how scared we were of the ‘Mennonite kids’ but we know what we saw. I wish my husband had never opened the door.” (Newkirk, 2016)

She claims to be convinced that these events and illnesses are all connected to the two black-eyed children they let into their home that snowy night.


One of the earliest known encounters with black-eyed children dates back to 1950, was experienced by a sixteen-year-old boy from Virginia ‘known only as Harold’ and was researched and investigated by David Weatherly.

Harold was reportedly walking home one afternoon when he came across another boy, who looked about twelve years old’ he didn’t recognise ‘leaning against a fence, as if waiting for someone’. Harold tried to speak to him and said hello but received no response he turned to leave and was about to walk off and continue home when the boy suddenly said to him, ‘I want to go to your house, you’re going to walk me up to your house’.

Then ‘a chill rushed through’ Harold and he wasn’t sure what to say and reportedly didn’t understand why a boy he didn’t know was asking to go to his house. Then the boy ‘looked up at him’ and he noticed the ‘blackness of the boy’s eyes’ which were ‘pitch black’ with no whites to them at all, staring at him with ‘desperate assertiveness’. 

Harold felt ‘glued to the ground’ and ‘very afraid’ and didn’t know how to respond to the boy. His instincts screamed at him to turn and run home, and ‘his thoughts were focused on how fast he could run home’, but ‘he just stood there’ and ‘looked up the road planning to run’ when the strange boy ‘blurted’ out ‘now, don’t you run away from me, you’re going to walk me up to your house’ as if he could read Harold’s mind.

Harold turned and ran anyway ‘faster than his legs had ever carried him before’ and didn’t look back ‘for fear the weird child was following him’, as he was running away he reportedly heard the boy let out a ‘wailing’ scream ‘of a bobcat’ or a scream that sounded ‘very similar to that of a bobcat’ but he ‘wasn’t willing to turn around to be sure’.

Harold reportedly later commented ‘I think I must have really angered that boy, he screamed out and I though [for] sure he was coming to get me’ and insisted that ‘the boy he encountered was solid and could not have been a ghost’.

When he got back home and relayed the encounter to his parents they reportedly believed him and his father went out with a ‘shotgun in hand’ looking for what they believed to be a ‘devil’. The black-eyed child was nowhere to be found but Harold’s mother ‘demanded’ he go to the local priest ‘to be safe’ and had him blessed as she believed her son to have had an encounter with the ‘Devil himself’ in ‘disguise’.

Harold’s father also later spoke to nearby residents and neighbours to ask if they had ‘encountered anything strange’ and a couple of ‘area residents’ said that they had recently heard a ‘bobcat’ but none had seen any ‘out of place children’.


In September 2015 the tale of an encounter a gas station attendant reportedly had with some black-eyed children, was broadcast on Darkness Radio. 

The attendant claimed encounter took place in November 2012, at a ‘lonely’ gas station in Northeast Louisiana ‘just off the highway’ and the only service station for ‘miles around’. 

He reported that around 3 am, while he was going about his ‘normal duties’ the power suddenly went out ‘plunging him into darkness’. According to the attendant the area had experienced ‘heavy winds’ that evening and he believed that was probably to blame for the power outage. 

Using his phone as a torch he made his way to the backup gas generator to switched it on and was able to get the backup lighting on. However the backup lighting was ‘dim’ and only the parking lot and the ‘hall to the register’ was lit and the rest of the gas station remained in darkness and he noticed ‘something moving at the edge of the darkness’.

The attendant said that he ‘watched intently for several moments’ and was eventually able to make out what looked like three children riding bikes and ‘heading his way’ and that ‘almost as soon as he saw them’ two of the children ‘leapt off their bikes’ and headed over to the gas station. The two children stopped at the gas station door and ‘stood staring at the attendant’ who by now was feeling ‘creeped out’ and a ‘little unsettled but still not overly concerned’.

Because they were kids and it was late for them to be out on their own he made his way to the door and opened it for the children and asked if they were ‘okay’ and told them that it was ‘late for such young kids to be roaming around near the highway’. One of the two children, a young girl, asked if she could use his phone and he handed her his mobile phone then her eyes met his and the attendant saw that they were ‘solid black orbs’.

The girl ‘snapped’ at him ‘no, I need the real one!’ and pointed at the landline inside’.

The attendant claimed that ‘the thought of letting her inside sent chills up his spine’. The attendant claimed that at this point ‘fear finally overtook the [him]’ and he slammed and locked the door while shouting that ‘at all of them to leave’.

The two black-eyed children stared at him through the window for a ‘moment longer’ before turning around, getting back onto their bikes and ‘riding off into the darkness’. The next morning the attendant informed his boss of his ‘ordeal’ and requested that they go through the security cameras, however, the power outage had cut the cameras off and they had not turned back on when the backup generator was started.


An engineer from Ohio, using the pseudonym ’Noetic’ reported an encounter with two black-eyed kids, which occurred on the 31st of July in 2010, outside the data centre where he worked. He was reportedly taking a break while on a night shift and was smoking a cigarette outside at around 5 am when he noticed two teenage boys, who appeared to be motionless and staring straight at him, across the street from his building and felt ‘immediately unnerved’.

Noetic finished his cigarette and then went back inside and went back to work and around ten minutes later the intercom for the front door buzzed and as he turned to ‘observe the monitors’ he noticed that it was the two boys who had been staring at him earlier. He claimed that they were ‘staring into the surveillance camera like they could see him through it’.

He pressed the talk button and asked what they wanted and told them that he was busy but neither of the boys spoke but one of them ‘motioned to the camera for him to come outside’. Noetic pressed the talk button again and told them that ‘they would have to leave’, then he went back to work. Reportedly they didn’t leave but continued to ‘stare into the camera as if they were watching Noetic as he worked’.

After about ten minutes he decided to go to the buildings front door and ask the two boys to leave and ‘let him get on with his job’ but before he opened the door he ‘sneaked a look at the two boys through the one-way glass’ and noticed that, while they looked otherwise ‘normal’, he was ‘horrified’ to see that they had ‘completely black eyes’. This made him feel ‘even more on edge’ but knew that he ‘had to open up the door and tell them to go away’ and decided that he would call the police if he had to.

However Noetic claimed that as soon as he opened the door one of the boys said to him, as if ‘he had been reading his mind’, ‘that will not be necessary, sir, we simply need to use your phone, can you let us in?’. He told them no as ‘nobody was allowed in’ and the boys asked again to be ‘invited into the building’ and then ‘stood there staring at the now distressed man’.

Noetic repeated his threat to call the police if they didn’t leave and took out his mobile phone then pulled the door shut again and made sure that it was locked before going back to the security camera monitor. He reportedly saw that only one boy was still standing outside the front of the building, still staring into the camera, while the other boy had ‘positioned himself out back’ of the building and was also staring into the security camera there.

With the time now around 6 am, Noetic decided to call the police while continuing to watch the security monitors but the boys ‘made their way to a blind spot’ where he could not see them on the security cameras. He waited for them to reappear on the security monitors but they ‘seemed to have simply vanished’ and by the time the police arrived at there was no sign of either of them.


Jon Northwood was on his way to his car on the third floor of a parking garage, after attending a conference, when Doug another attendant of the conference asked him to drive him ‘around the block a few times’ because there were ‘some freaky-looking kids hanging around his car’.

Doug wanted to ‘kill some time’ while waiting for them to leave. Northwood let Doug into his car and they started driving around and when they neared Doug’s car they both saw the group of ‘freaky-looking kids’. There were two boys, who looked about fourteen and ten years old, and one girl who looked around fifteen years old, and all of them were ‘all gothed out’. Northwood agreed they were indeed creepy and reportedly thought that they were ‘intense’ but described feeling like he ‘really needed to look at them’.

Northwood stopped driving and the kids ‘maneuvered around his car’ and the youngest of the three reportedly said that ‘It’s scary out there all alone, and we just wanted a ride home’ and claimed that Doug had offered them a ride home but denied this.

Northwood claimed to have felt as if ‘his heart was going to erupt from his throat as adrenaline raced through him’ and Doug said he was getting out of the car but as soon as he reached for the handle ‘it was like the children got older somehow’ and Northwood saw that their eyes were ‘solid black’. They had no pupils and no iris. He put the car into reverse drove backwards about 60 feet.  

The kids reportedly began to pursue them and Northwood drove the car ‘around the lot’s corners’ at around 30 miles per hour and sped down three floors of the garage. Northwood claimed that he felt that he and Doug would die ‘if he let those kids get to the car’. When they reached the bottom of the garage and sped out they went past the oldest boy who was waiting at the bottom and when Northwood turned around the boy was gone and the ‘menacing feeling that had been building inside him’ since first encountering those kids left him.

They decided to wait ten minutes before going back to the parking garage to Doug’s car and didn’t see the kids anywhere. Doug then admitted to Northwood that he had actually let the younger of the three kids into his car earlier for a ride but had become scared when he saw the older one.

When they both left the parking garage for the second time that night, in their own cars with Northwood behind Doug, when the ‘menacing feeling’ returned. Northwood witnessed Doug ‘misjudged’ the time it would take him to get through the intersection on a yellow light and his car was struck by a truck. Doug reportedly died instantly. Northwood waited at the accident site and gave a statement to the police when they arrived ‘feeling uneasy the whole time’ and when he looked around he saw the three black-eyed kids standing ‘two blocks away’ staring at him.


The friend of someone who encountered a black-eyed kid while on a trip through Arcata in California, posted an account of their story online. They reportedly stopped for a drink and began ‘hitting it off’ with the woman running the bar and after a bit of drinking and getting to know each other she offered them a place to stay for the night. He drunkenly accepted and left his car behind at the bar.

When they pulled up to her house, he began to feel ‘unease’ creep in without knowing why. He felt creeped out by her house, started to feel creeped out by the woman as well and she started to seem ‘inhuman’ to him but he still went inside the house with her. After the woman had fallen asleep he got up to get a drink of water and on his way to the kitchen realized that ‘her house was full of children’. He realised that they were not ‘normal children’, they were ‘quiet and creepy and wandering the house aimlessly at 2 am’ and he had a ‘horrible feeling about them’. Then he noticed all of the children’s eyes were completely black.

He didn’t talk to or interact with the children and left the next day, but reportedly, about a month after this experience he was diagnosed with an ‘aggressive form of bladder cancer’ and died six months later. It is believed by some that it was the encounter with the black-eyed children that were responsible.


Another reported encounter happened when someone was walking their dog, a three year old Gernman Shepherd named Dakota, one morning in a large park that ‘leads into a hiking trail’ in a Los Angeles ‘middle class neighborhood’. Their dog was reportedly ‘very tame for a big dog’ who got ‘very nervous around strangers’ and in the entire time they had her they had ‘never seen her run up to anyone’.

They claimed to have let their dog off her leash in a ‘large area’ of the park ‘used as a baseball field’ close to ‘the big entrance into the wilderness surrounded by trees and darkness’. However, on this walk, as soon as they took off her leash she ‘jolted into high speed towards the ‘trail opening’, which was ‘completely out of character for her’, but she didn’t go into the wilderness. 

When the dog was ‘about 8 feet from the entrance’ they noticed a ‘tall, dark figure calmly walk out of the darkness’ and called for Dakota to come back to them but ‘she wouldn’t move’

“I have never seen a dog literally follow someone with they’re gaze, never breaking contact, it just didn’t make sense. That was where the uneasiness first kicked in but it wasn’t anything serious. It was just really strange.” (Thought Catalogue, 2019)

They started jogging towards her and noticed that the figure was a girl, about seventeen to twenty years old, ‘around 5’9 ft tall’ and ‘stunning’ with ‘long legs, [a] beautiful body, short dark hair almost reaching her shoulders’ and ‘long messy bangs framing her face’.

The girl she stopped walking to ‘look at Dakota for a second’ and the person couldn’t really ‘make out her face’, but could see that sh was wearing ‘skin tight dark jeans, boots, a dark leather jacket’ and ‘had a light complexion’ but did not ‘look like a ghost’.

They claimed that they first thought they could ‘get her number’ but then remembered that ‘this girl had just walked out of the hiking trail in the middle of the night’ when ‘the darkness was so thick I doubt you could see one foot in front of you’ and started thinking about a ‘documentary about female serial killers’.

When the girl stopped walking to look at Dakota again they ‘lightly’ told her ‘don’t worry she’s harmless’ but the girl ‘completely ignores’ them and continues walking. The person put the dogs leash on her but she ‘doesn’t budge’, then ‘all she does is take a couple of steps towards the girl then stops whenever the girl looks back at her’. They tell the girl that they think Dakota likes them but the girl just looks at Dakota again and when the girl took ‘one step’ towards Dakota her tail went in between her legs and she started ‘whimpering like she’s seen the devil’.

“All of this felt really weird, almost like a dream, like a light feeling and that silence that sounds almost like your underwater. No matter how much I tried to act cool this was not normal. So here I am trying to get my paralyzed dog to budge while an intimidating, mysterious girl doesn’t break eye contact with her.” (Thought Catalogue, 2019)

As soon as the girl started walking again they picked up their ‘60 pound dog by the stomach’ and started ‘speed walking back’ and gets ‘halfway across the field’ when they put their dogs leash on and set her down but ‘she doesn’t budge again’.

The person turned to see the girl ‘standing on some bleachers’ less that ten feet from them and ‘almost threw up’. Now they could see her face in the light of the bleachers and saw that she was ‘beautiful’ but had eyes that where ‘blacker than black’ and ‘looked completely different from the serious expression’ they could ‘make out’ before.

They claimed to want to run away but that ‘something’ made them stay and that they felt like they were so scared that they could ‘hear a faint high pitched humming in my ears’ and their entire body ‘felt heavy’.

“I could have thought, ‘oh, a strange chick in Halloween contacts’ but I can not explain the feeling of absolute paralyzing horror I experienced without any rationalization. I didn’t have time to. She was NOT human. she was NOT a regular girl.” (Thought Catalogue, 2019)

Then the girl says ‘in a sultry sweet tone’ – ‘Does she bite?’

Still in ‘defense mode’ the person ‘managed to mutter out’ their idea of a ‘no’ and felt like ‘as soon as [they] blinked again she would be standing right in front of [them]’ but the girl  waited ‘a couple seconds’ before asking ‘do you live near by’. They were going to answer ‘no’ but claimed that as soon as they went to speak she then asked ‘did you drive here and they started walking back trying to ‘distance [themselves] slowly’.

Again, before they could speak the girl also says ‘I’m going to need to come with you’ and told them ‘you’ll let me come with you that’s okay right?’ and ‘it’s okay don’t be afraid’. Then Dakota ‘books’ and they started ‘running like a scared child’ with Dakota dog is ‘right in front’ of them and didn’t stop until they caught up the dog.

They were now ‘at the other side of the street’ and they took the time to ‘turn around and make sure she isn’t following’ and see that shes ‘calmly walking back’ and ‘already all the way to the other side of the park where she was before’. 

They reported that they called their roommate to meet them ‘half way with the car’ on their way back home and have never walked their dog after dark again.


Reddit user sarabeth11 reportedly posted that when she was alone in the family room of her home when there was ‘a light knock at the front door’ and when the opened the door she found ‘two young children’ outside. There was a girl who ‘looked about 11’ and a boy who looked ‘roughly nine’. 

She claimed that the girl ‘politely’ asked her to come inside saying ‘Ma’am, can we please come inside and use your phone to call our mom?’ but that as the little girl spoke the reddit user felt ‘something in the pit of my stomach was telling me something was wrong’. 

After ‘a short exchange’ the girl moved closer to the front door of the house and when she stepped into the light from inside the house. This is when they got their first ‘real good look at her’ and saw that she had ‘solid, jet black eyes’ and that the ‘motherly instinct’ she had felt towards the children was was gone and was replaced by ‘terror’ that they hadn’t ever felt in their life before and described that they could feel every hair on their arms and back of their neck ‘standing at attention’. 

They closed the door to where they were just able to stick their face out and the little girl stopped and again ‘pleaded’ – ‘please Ma’am we’re really scared and alone out here. We HAVE to come inside. Please help us!’ and then both kids began to ‘whimper and cry’.


Another report details the experience of man who was approached by a pair kids as he sat, stopped to take a short rest, in his car on a ‘lonely, remote road’ in Utah, United States. 

The two kids, reportedly a boy and a girl who seemed to be in ‘their mid-teens’, ‘materialized out of the night’ and approached his vehicle. The man claimed to at first be worried that they were lost as they were ‘out in the middle of nowhere and there was no one else around for miles’ so he rolled down his window to ‘get a better look at them’.

However as they approached his car ‘things became a bit unsettling’ as they seemed to be wearing ‘very old-fashioned clothing’ but he couldn’t tell which era their clothes could have been from. They were both also ‘remarkably pale, to the point that they almost seemed to emanate a faint glow from their skin in the moonlight’ and they both had ‘odd-looking bowl style haircuts’.

Feeling ‘slightly unnerved’ the man called out to the two and asked if ‘something had happened to them and if they were in need of assistance’ but the boy only replied ‘yes please’. The man reported that as the two teenagers closed the distance to his car he noticed that both of them had ‘pure black eyes like those of a shark’ and at the same time felt a sudden ‘tingling feeling of dread that sort of spread out through his body like ripples in a pond’.

The boy then reportedly told him that they were ‘lost out in the desert and they needed help’ and asked him to open the car door and ‘give them a ride to the nearest town’. However, at this point the man claimed to have been ‘overwhelmed with a sheer wall of fear and the potent urge to get away from there as fast as he could’ but also found that he seemed to be unable to move ‘as if he were paralyzed’.

“It was a really strange sensation. Every fiber of my being was screaming to get the hell out of there but I was, I don’t know how to describe it, sort of transfixed, hypnotized, whatever. Anyway, there wasn’t a chance I was going to open that door, but I couldn’t move to get my car started either. I was like a prisoner in my own skull looking out. And that window was still rolled down, nothing separating me from that freaky kid’s face leering just outside.” (Swancer, 2018)

He told that through ‘sheer will’ he was able to move his arm ‘slowly’ towards the window but that it was as if ‘a massively heavy weight were attached to it’ and claimed to have to ‘lean a bit with his body as he inched his limb closer to the car door’.

The whole time the two teenagers ‘just stared at him quizzically, as if they were somewhat amused by it all’ and as the man leaned and ‘tried to work his arm’ but neither of them made any move to come closer or reach into the car ‘like there was some kind of invisible wall there where my window would have been’.

He was ‘rocking back and forth and leaning’ trying to get his arm to move and claimed that ‘some part’ of his clothing ‘must have passed that unseen barrier’ because the boy then, ‘quick as a whip’, ‘snagged’ his jacket with his hand and smiled.

“I tell you, I will never forget that smile. His teeth, they were like they were made out of metal, gleaming, and that was what I think snapped me out of it, those teeth.” (Swancer, 2018)

The man claimed that the weight that had been holding him down was ‘lifted’ and he shoved the boy ‘as hard as [he] could’. The boy seemed surprised by this ‘sudden push’ and let go and stumbled back with ‘a look of shock on his face’. Meanwhile, the man started up his car ‘not sure of whether he would soon be paralyzed again’ but when he looked up he claimed that the same boy ‘somehow appeared in front of the vehicle’ and stood there ‘as if trying to keep him from leaving’.

He reported that the girl was ‘off to the side a bit’ and was staring ‘intently with a look of anger on her face’ and, in a panic, the man reported that he ‘floored it’ but the boy ‘did not budge’. The boy ‘stood his ground and thumped off [the] bumper’ and the man ‘wasn’t going very fast’ but, according to him, was going fast enough to ‘mess someone up’.

He claimed that when he looked in the rearview mirror and saw that the boy was getting up and ‘dusting himself off like it was no big thing’.

“I just got the hell out of there and didn’t look back again. I’ll never forget the whole thing. It was like a nightmare and I still wonder what would have happened to me if I’d actually given them the ride like they wanted.” (Swancer, 2018)


A security guard reported an encounter with a black-eyed young man on a bus, at around 1 am when he was on his way home after work. He claimed that when he was sitting on the bus, a ‘regular looking guy’ wearing a suit, carrying a briefcase, who looked to be in his 20’s, got onto the bus and sat down across from him while chewing a cigar.

They were ‘just looking at him’ while he stared out the window and chewed his cigar when ‘all of a sudden’ he turned and looked at them and they saw that the man’s eyes were ‘pitch black’. They claimed that their heart ‘heart started beating [madly]’ and they were starting to panic and ‘had no idea why’ but was ‘pants-shittingly terrified of this guy’.

The man then ‘grinned’ at them and they saw this his teeth were ‘all covered in tobacco bits and brown juice’ with the cigar ‘clamped between them’ and they ‘almost screamed’. Instead they ‘had the presence of mind’ to get up and take the seat right behind the driver and ‘calmed down a bit’ but kept an eye on the black-eyed man. 

The strange man reportedly ‘ended up chatting with some girl that got on’ and were still talking the person got off the bus. They claimed to have later convinced themselves that the black-eyed young man was ‘trolling’ him and just ‘having fun with a pair of contacts’ but now, having heard of the black-eyed kids, they ‘wonder’.


Another reported encounter tells of someone who was laying down, dosing off, in their infant babies room while their wife slept, and heard a ‘steady hollow thump’ coming from the front porch of their house.

Startled, they opened their eyes and scanned the room, thinking that is was most likely their cat ‘scratching himself on the front porch’ and dosed back off but was again awoken by the ‘thumping’.

They got out of bed ‘to run him off the porch’ but saw the cat wasn’t there any more and decided to make some tea and check Facebook while they were up. Reportedly, a few minutes into watching a YouTube video they felt the ‘sudden urge’ to look up at the kitchen window and saw ‘the tops of two short statured peoples heads cresting the stairs just above my window frame’.

They were reportedly ‘just short enough’ to not be able to see in the window and the person claimed to have heard no footsteps on their porch, felt their ‘stomach turn’ and decided that it was best not the answer and shut their laptop and ‘crept by the door back to the babies room’.

They assumed it was ‘some of the people from the low income housing across the road’ that were high or hiding from the cops, or maybe even looking for their cousin who stayed with them often. But, when they got to their daughters room ‘the creepiness set in’ and the ‘thump’ had moved from the kitchen to both of the bedroom windows, which were reportedly a room apart and the thumping on each window occured ‘in perfect time’. 

Now thinking that these ‘stoners’ were going to wake up their daughter if they didn’t ‘run them off now’ they went to the kitchen, unlocked and opened the door ‘ready to run around to the side of the house and kick some little idiots ass’. When they opened the door they found, standing there and looking up at him, two ten or eleven year old boys and the feeling of ‘dread’ and the smell of ‘mold almost made them vomit’.

Then the ‘smaller of the two’ boys asked him if they could ‘use your telegraph’ and the person ‘stared blankly’ at these boys, horrified of what they then realized, which was that their eyes were ‘pitch black’. The boy asked again to use the ‘telegraph and they tried to ‘play it cool’ and ignore the fact that they didn’t ask to use to telephone, phone, cell or anything else ‘that would have made any sense of the situation’.

They also reported that there ‘wasn’t a sound to be heard no crickets chirping, no dogs barking, no cars driving by… nothing’. They then ‘calmly’ told the kids that they didn’t ‘have service’ at their house and apologise and that the expressions on their faces ‘turned to rage’ as they finished speaking and they quickly shut the door and locked it as quickly as the could.

They then ‘stumbled’ back to protect their daughter and picked her up from her crib and ‘held her close’ but the fact that she hadn’t woken up ‘freaked [them] out the most’ but they ‘managed to gather [their] senses enough to make sure she was still breathing and warm’ and everything seemed okay with the baby

Reportedly, the ‘thumping’ on the windows started again and they ‘dropped to the floor as close to the wall as [they] could’ and held their baby girl in their arms and ‘wept like a child’ feeling ‘helpless and afraid’. They claimed to lie there for ‘what felt like hours and hours’ while ‘crying and shaking’ until they heard their wife’s alarm clock go off and the thumping stopped the ‘instant the alarm went off’.

They ‘crept’ into the master bedroom with their baby daughter and their wife asked ‘whats wrong with you’ but they simply muttered in reply that they ‘just had a bad dream’ and handed her the baby before turning on every light in the house and making coffee for her. 

The person reporting this encounter claimed that just having their wife awake calmed their nerves enough to ‘pretend like nothing happened’. When it was time for their wife to leave for work they walked her out to the car ‘nervously’ with the baby in their arms and asked her not to leave until they had walked back into the house. Their wife was ‘put off by the request’ but did it to ‘humor’ them and once they were safely back in their house they locked the door again then ‘sat horrified until she got home’.

“I insisted we go to the next town over and stay the weekend at my brothers house… and here I sit horrified while she sleeps in the guest room with my daughter. Wondering why they stopped when the alarm went off. I think I know the answer. I was aware of BEKs she wasn’t. Every story I’ve read about them is from someone who already knew about them. Maybe, Just maybe knowledge of them existing is the only reason they visit… I’m afraid and I’m sorry.” (Thought Catalogue, 2019)


Another person reported that when they were twelve, on the 17th of March in 2008, they were sitting outside of a hairdressers in an ‘old Chevy pickup’ waiting for their mom to get her hair cut.

They reported that after about fifteen minutes they saw a young boy ‘walking back and forth’ along the sidewalk in front of the parked car they were in. They claimed to have at first thought that they recognized the boy as one of his friends from school so they ‘banged on the front windshield’ until he looked their way. 

They then realised that they were not anyone they knew but were not scared at all at this point and the boy walked over to the side of the car and just stared at them. They claimed to think the boy did this to let them ‘get a good look at his eyes’ to ‘freak [them] out’. 

Reportedly, the boy had ‘pupils black as the night sky’ and whispered ‘you must let me in’, but instead they locked the car doors and ‘ducked down into the space below the seats’ and five minutes later the black-eyed boy was gone.

When their mother finished at the hairdressers and got back into the car she told them that ‘a boy with black eyes’ had come into the hairdressers had insisted that their mother give him the keys to the car but she refused.


A ‘domestic engineer living in north Texas, who claimed to not believe in the paranormal experienced an encounter, which she posted on Reddit, with black eyed kids that reportedly left her ‘scratching [their] head’.

It had been a ‘slow trick-or-treat night’ in their neighborhood that evening, which she described as ‘pretty odd in itself’ as they usually had kids from different areas ‘dropped off’ in their area and would have a ‘constant parade at our door’. Their teenaged son was also out with his friends at a local ‘haunted house’ and wasn’t expected back for a while.

Reportedly, that night they had ‘no more than eight or ten groups of kids come by the entire night and it was about 9:30 pm and she and their husband were sitting in their ‘family room’ and watching some ‘ghost shows’ and they hadn’t had any ‘activity at the door in over half an hour’. It was getting late so they decided to turn off the porch light and let their dog Chloe, a ‘docile’ American Bulldog, out of her crate. She been in the crate because they were worried about her trying to get out to ‘play with all the kids’ and they didn’t want to have to ‘chase after her down the street’ or scare any of the kids because ‘she would look a little intimidating to the younger kids’.

It was getting close to 10 pm when their husband decided to go upstairs, shower and get ready for bed as it was a Thursday night and he ‘had to get up early the next day’. Not long after she heard the upstairs water for the shower turn on she heard a ‘light knock – knock – knock’ at the front door. She claimed an ‘uneasy feeling’ came over them and were confused as to why someone wouldn’t use the ‘obvious’ doorbell.

“I paused. I couldn’t really just ignore it, our front door has a big beveled glass panel and anybody right at the door could see in enough to see someone was in the family room watching TV. It would be pretty rude for me to just sit there and not answer it.” (Thought Catalogue, 2019)

She glanced down at their dog but saw that she was gone and stood up to ‘look around the room better’ and found her ‘crouching by the back door like she was wanting [to go] out’ but claimed that she ‘never asks to go out like that’. This behaviour was reportedly ‘totally out of character for her’ so this ‘heightened’ the person’s anxiety and she told her to get into her crate but she wouldn’t move.

She ‘yelled up’ to their husband but knew he might not hear if he was already in the shower. There was another ‘knock – knock – knock’ at the door and around the same time a car drove down the street and ‘cast just enough light on the door’ so that she could see the ‘silhouettes of two small children’ through the glass.

‘Instantly’ feeling relief that it was ‘just some kids’ who were probably neighbors on their way back home they headed to the front door and ‘looked back to make sure Chloe wasn’t going to follow’ but she ‘just sat there’. The woman turned on the porch light and could see through the glass that it was a couple of ‘pretty small kids’ and thought that it was ‘a little late for such young ones’ and wondered ‘what kind of parents would let their kids run the streets that late at night’.

She opened the door, just enough to where she could block their dogs escape if she needed to, which was reportedly ‘only about two feet’. It immediately struck them as odd that the kids weren’t wearing any costumes and were in normal street clothes and did not say ‘trick-or-treat’.

It was a girl, taller and about eleven or twelve, and boy, about eight or nine, and the girl ‘politely spoke up’ saying ‘ma’am, can we please come inside and use your phone to call our mom?’ but as she spoke ‘something in the pit of [their] stomach was telling [them] something was wrong’.

The woman also wondered what kid, ‘even at that age’ doesn’t have a cell phone of their own these days and couldn’t remember the last time she’d had anybody asked to use their home phone. She replied to the little girl ‘um… hun, don’t you have a phone of your own you can call your mom on’ when ‘things really got weird’ and both kids turned to look at one another ‘like they were going to say something to one another’ but neither of them spoke.

Then they both turned back to them and the girl said ‘ma’am, my cell phone battery doesn’t have any charge left in it, can we please come inside and call our mother. We’re alone out here and my brother is scared’.

“I could tell she was blond, but I couldn’t make out any distinct features as our lights are from high above and on columns at the front of the porch so most of the light was coming from behind them. I had not opened the door wide enough for any light from inside to hit them directly. The boy was younger and about a foot shorter and looked to have light brown hair.” (Thought Catalogue, 2019)

She described feeling a ‘sinking fear’ in their gut which was keeping the feeling of a ‘mother’s heart that wanted to help these two small children get to their mom’ when she

noticed that ‘during the short conversation’ she had opened the door ‘a few extra inches’ but was completely unaware she had done this. The woman then asked for their mother’s number so she could call her herself.

There was a pause then they again looked at one another and, after a ‘short moment’, they turned back to her and the girl then asked if they could come inside while she called their mum as her ‘little brother has to use your bathroom’. As the little girl finished talking she reportedly ‘moved closer toward the door like she was going just walk on in by’ her and as she stepped forward she moved into the light coming from inside the house. The woman got her ‘first real good look at her’ and saw that she has ‘solid, jet black eyes’ and the ‘motherly instinct’ disappeared and was replaced with ‘terror’ that they didn’t think they’d ‘ever felt’ in their life.

She described feeling ‘every hair’ on her arms and back of her neck ‘standing at attention’ and she ‘closed the door to where just [her] face was able to stick out’. The little girl stopped and again ‘pleaded’ with the woman saying ‘please ma’am we’re really scared and alone out here, we HAVE to come inside, please help us’ then both kids began to ‘whimper and cry’.

Then ‘fear took over’ and she shut and locked the door then shouted through the door to the kids ‘I’ll call your mom if you give me the number, but I’m not letting you in my house’. She could still see them standing on the porch, staring at her through the ‘beveled glass pane’ and ‘part’ of her wanted to run upstairs to her husband, but the ‘bigger part’ didn’t want to ‘lose track of where they were’ which would have ‘freaked [her] out, even more, to not know where they were’.

After ‘what seemed like forever, but probably only a few seconds’ she decided to call her neighbour across the street and as she made my her to the phone she glanced at the back door and saw that their dog Chloe was ‘nowhere to be found’ but they reportedly later found her in the guest room under the bed.

When the woman got to the phone and started to look for her neighbour’s contact info the kids then finally stepped away from the door and began to walk back to the street and the woman walked back to the front door to ‘get a better look to see where they went’.

From the door she claimed to see that the kids were still standing under the streetlamp nearest her house staring at her and only as she ‘lifted the phone to [her] ear after calling’ did the kids start walking down our street away from her house.

She met her neighbour out under the same street lamp ‘once he was out there’ but the kids were nowhere to be seen.


In a different account someone reported that the day before he noticed that their neighbor hadn’t put out all their Halloween which reportedly, even though the person did not know this neighbour very well, he knew that this was very unusual for him as this neighbour normally ‘went all out’. 

Reportedly, when the person got home from work and was walking up their driveway and saw their neighbour outside he ‘said something like – hey man, you better get your Halloween stuff up or that house up the street is going to beat you for best decorations’.  

The neighbour ‘kind of smiles sheepishly’ and says that he’s ‘going to keep his house dark this year and just put candy out’ so the person asked if he was ‘going out of town’ but the neighbour said no, ‘something happened last year that really scared him’.

Concerned for their own safety the man asked him what happened and he told them that last year he’d had his brother’s family over so they could trick-or-treat in the neighbourhood ‘since they live in an apartment complex that doesn’t do much for Halloween’ and they’d had ‘a bunch of kids come to the door like always’.

His family reportedly left around 10:30 pm when there were only ‘a few older trick-or-treaters’ going around and by 11:30 pm ‘they were pretty much done’ so he was inside watching TV when the doorbell rings again so he grabs the candy bowl and heads to the door. 

He notices that ‘it’s a little past midnight’ and thinks that it’s ‘pretty rude for trick-or-treaters to still be out’ but also then notices he hasn’t turned off all his decoration lights yet. He opens the door and is ‘about to yell BOO or something to freak them out’ but ‘stops dead’ when he sees the kids that are at the door.

Both were boys and one of them was ‘probably around thirteen to fourteen’ and the other looked ‘around sixteen to seventeen’ and neither were dressed up for Halloween, the older one was wearing a ‘flannel checkered shirt’. The neighbour was reportedly ‘immediately overcome with uneasiness’ when he opened to door and got the feeling it was ‘a huge mistake’.

The two boys just stared at him and he noticed they had ‘really big irises and dilated pupils’ and that he ‘couldn’t even see the whites of their eyes’ but had ‘figured they were contact lenses’. The neighbour claimed that he stood there frozen, holding the candy bowl like he ‘couldn’t slam the door in their face as much as he wanted to’ so he ‘nervously tried to smile at them’ hoping they would ‘break character’ and ask for some. 

The younger of the two boys told him that they had ‘gotten lost’ and needed to come in and use his phone but the neighbour decided to close the door ‘more than halfway’ and tell them ‘no, sorry’. The older of the boys asked to wait in his house until their parents come to get them but the neighbour was, by then, ‘convinced that his life was in danger and these kids must be high on something or intending to rob him’ and kept ‘mumbling’ ‘no’ and ‘sorry’ as he ‘inched the door closed and locked it’.

The neighbour told the man who reported this encounter that he was ‘so scared at that point that they were going to try to break in through one of his windows or something’ and looked through the peephole on the door and saw that they had turned to leave.

He sat down to watch TV with the volume ‘really low so he could hear any sounds at all’ and stayed up around 5 am because he was ‘too scared to go to bed and drop his guard’.

“The whole time he’s telling me this I’m thinking oh my god, this sounds so familiar, just like the Black-eyed kids urban legend. Then I thought hey, maybe this dude is trying to scare me because after all, he does have the Halloween spirit…so I’m looking at him incredulously but trying not to seem too gullible. So I’m like ‘Man, that is really crazy, sounds like the Black-eye kids.’ He just looks at me blankly, ‘The what, is that a movie or something?’ and I said no, but told him to go look it up online.” (Thought Catalogue, 2019)

Reportedly, about an hour after his neighbour told him this story there was a knock on his door. He opened it to find his neighbor, his eyes ‘freaking huge’ and the neighbour swears to him ‘up and down that he had never heard of the BEKs before and it’s so similar to what happened to him’.

They talked a while longer and he told his neighbour that ‘quite a few people probably know about that urban legend and it’s possible it was just teenagers with black scleral contacts trying to freak people out on Halloween’ but he said that ‘the fear he felt was so primal and came over him the second he opened the door for them’.


When twenty year old Kerrie Kisner was on her way home from Wake Tech Community College in Raleigh, North Carolina, she took a detour and visited the Triangle Town Center mall. When she made her way back to her car in the parking lot she noticed a boy who looked about twelve years old, ‘strange’ and ‘almost sick-looking’, pale, with ‘dark rings‘ under his eyes, and a ‘rigid and unnatural posture’, talking to an ‘older lady’.

The woman reportedly appeared to be looking in her purse for something, possibly to give to the young boy. Kisner then became ‘acutely aware’ that there well hardly any other people around and the parking lot seemed to have an ‘almost sinister feel’.

She quickened her pace to reach her car and as she passed the older woman and the boy, he ‘locked eyes’ with her and she saw that his eyes were ‘completely black, like gaping holes in his head’. Kisner moved away ‘as quickly as she could’ and the boy ‘suddenly turned and walked away from the scene’ and she had the ‘strange’ impression that the boy could read her mind and ‘knew what she was thinking about him’.


On And That’s Why We Drink Listener Stories Volume 20 a black-eyed kids encounter submitted by a listener is recounted (around 28 minutes in). The submission was titled BEK Related and the writer describes walking to work around midday, in Seattle, when they saw a girl down the street standing on what they thought was her house’s front porch.

The girl apparently, from far away, looked ‘completely normal’ the submission states that their ‘stomach sunk’ and that they began to feel ‘scared’ and ‘knew for sure’ that if they walked past the girl she would talk to them.

They wrote that they stopped and tried to cross the street but that the traffic on the road would not allow them to. They could feel the girl watching them as they continued walking and when they walked past the girl she didn’t say anything until they had already walked past her ‘a bit’ when she called out ‘aren’t you going to say hi?’.

The listener wrote that they turned around and walked a little closer and said ‘hi’ to the girl who then told them ‘I know you, we’ve met’ but said that they didn’t think that they had met and that while they were saying this they looked into the girl’s eyes and they were completely black and they had felt ‘extreme fear’. They turned around and walked away ‘really fast’ and the black-eyed girl did not say anymore and when they turned back around she was gone but that she ‘could have easily gone inside’.

The listener also wrote that the next thing they wanted to do was call their best friend to tell her what had just happened but that she happened to be calling them at the same time. Their friend, who lived in a different city, was calling to tell them that they had just had an encounter ‘minutes ago’ (at the same time as their own experience) in which a woman stopped her on the street and also told her ‘I know you from my dreams’. Their friend asked ‘what do you mean’ but the woman only replied ‘I know you’ then walked away.


In 2013 a woman claimed to have photographed a black-eyed child in Hessle Foreshore Wood, Yorkshire in the UK, who claims continues to haunt her in her dreams every night and stated that “if there was a dark room, I would always be scared that she was there in he corner”.

“Our guide showed us this tree, and told us that some people had seen the ghost of a little orphan girl there who is looking out to sea waiting for her daddy. I just snapped away at the tree, I must have taken about then photos. I was wandering around, looking through them, and then I saw it. I thought I had just imagined her. It wasn’t on any of the other photos. Then I started freaking out. I was so shocked. I started crying and had to leave. I stayed over at my friend’s [house] for a few days after that because I was so scared.” (Paranormalglobe, 2016)


A woman, in her ‘early twenties’, who had just moved into her new apartment and tended to live a very private life encountered some kids ‘laughing’ then ‘whispering’ as she went up the steps to get to her apartment.

Reportedly it was ‘kind of late’ so she thought that this was ‘weird’ but I ignored it and walked into her apartment on the third floor and decided to open her balcony door as her apartment was ‘muggy’. She walked over to the door and pulled the blinds and found two kids are ‘staring back’ at her, screamed and backed away, ‘smashing’ her leg into a table.

She claimed that were both in blue jeans and the one who looked like the oldest of the two, as he was taller, had on a ‘green shirt with white stripes’ and the younger one had on a ‘button up light blue shirt’. 

The ‘oldest’ one ‘touched’ the sliding door and said to her ‘hey miss, can you let us in’ while the younger one ‘just kept looking around’ but the woman ‘just stared at them’. She claims she was ‘finally’ was able to ask them how they had gotten onto her balcony and she walked to the door noticing how ‘excited’ the older one got ‘as she moved closer to the entrance’ and he again asked her to let them in.

Claiming that she ‘wasn’t thinking’ she unlocked the door before looking up and seeing their eyes clearly. She saw that they were entirely black and quickly locked the door again and told them she had to call the police because the door was ‘jammed’ and she couldn’t unlock it. 

She called the police while the oldest boy ‘pleaded’ with her the entire time to ‘let them in’. The police but when they came in and walked to the balcony and opened the balcony door nothing was there. She claimed that when they looked down they saw two children running in the parking lot ‘away from the building’ and made a report saying they ‘had to of had help getting up there’ and that they would ‘question the neighbors’.


In another encounter, Jim Stills reported seeing a ‘strange young boy, walking down his street ‘awkwardly’ with a ‘stiff walk, when he stepped outside his house to enjoy his evening cigar.

He continued to see the boy ‘night after night’ and ‘for reasons he couldn’t explain’ felt increasingly uneasy with each evening the boy walked past his house to the point that he  gave up on his nightly cigars and stayed indoors instead. However Stills continued to watch the young boy walking past from the safety of his home and saw that sometimes he would remain outside until ‘the early hours of the morning’.

He gradually became less interested in the boy until forgetting about him completely until one evening he stepped outside of his front door to have a cigarette and ‘stopped dead’ when he saw the boy ‘standing directly in front of him’.

The boy ‘stared at him with eyes that were completely black and lacked any type of emotion’ and asked him in a ‘matter-of-fact tone’ to let him inside his home. Stills rushed back into the house and slammed the door on the child.

Stills decided to keep a ‘nightly watch’ for the boy again but didn’t see him again. However, he reportedly ‘never again dared to venture out from his home after dark’ again.


Another person, who was twenty one years old at the time, told how they were woken up by their dog, Lucy, barking, upright on the bed, where they and their husband were sleeping with their 22 month old daughter, and was staring at their door like ‘an unknown stranger was out there rummaging around’.

They thought she was ‘just freaking out over a house noise’ as they’d only had her for three months and she was still a puppy so they weren’t ‘too concerned initially’. They decided to open the door to ‘show her nothing was there’ as she stood there ‘snarling at the door’ with an ‘angry, violent growl’ that they claimed to have never heard her make before.

Reportedly ‘the second’ their hand reached for the deadbolt their dog ‘went wild’ and started barking and jumping towards them but when they touched the metal of the deadbolt she ‘suddenly changed her temper’.

Lucy whimpered ‘almost like she was afraid and backing down’ and the witness also ‘wasn’t calm anymore’ and felt their heart ‘racing and sinking at the same time’ and was ‘flooded with a mixture of fear and dread’.

They looked through the peephole and saw that there were two kids outside. One of them was ‘just a smidgen shorter’ than they were and ‘didn’t look much younger’, about sixteen or seventeen, and was ‘slender and pale’. Her hair was reportedly a ‘light shade of honey blonde’ and went to her middle-back, ‘with long, thin, blunt bangs in the front that covered most of her eyes’. She was wearing ‘light-wash’ jeans and a ‘thin-looking olive coloured pullover style hoodie’.

The teenage girl held the hand of a small girl who ‘looked to be around three or four’ years old, had the same shade of hair which was tied back in a ponytail, was in the same style jeans, a ‘button-down ivory cardigan’ and was looking at the floor ‘shyly’ and was holding a stuffed toy under her free arm.

The stuffed toy was reportedly ‘identical’ to the one the witnesses’ daughter had, ‘as was their style of dress’. They claimed that ‘had it not been for the feeling of overwhelming dread and fear’ they would probably have asked the children in and ‘given them some tea or hot chocolate to get them out of the bitter cold’ but ‘something about them seemed off’.

They claimed to have not yet ‘made any noise’ or turned on any lights so these kids would of had no indicators that they were at the door when the older of the two spoke in a voice that was ‘mature, confidant, strong, and accentless’ while holding her head ‘tilted downward’ so they couldn’t see her eyes.

The witness stood frozen in fear as the girl said ‘we have to use your phone’ and they wondered how she knew they were there as she shouldn’t have been able to. They claimed the girl raised her head to face them directly, and that was when they saw her eyes which were ‘black, or midnight blue, or a dark, dark purple- they were otherworldly’ and she said ‘our mother is worried’.

“As someone who has always been interested in creepy stories, I knew what she was the second she looked at me through the door. I have never been one to believe in these things- as a staunch Atheist and skeptic when it comes to the paranormal, I had written off many a ghost story from friends and family members eager to tell their tale. I didn’t believe it. Still, I couldn’t rationalize my way out of this- I was standing with nothing but a thin wooden door between me and a Black Eyed Kid. There was no questioning what was right in front of me.” (Thought Catalogue, 2019)

They didn’t answer the girl but ’slowly and silently’ backed away from the door with their dog ‘cowering at [their] ankles’ but the girl kept talking saying ‘just let us in to use your phone’. The witness took another step back and ‘with that step the tone changed’, the girl switched from seeming ‘polite’ but when they ‘took that second step back’ the girl became ‘commanding, almost hostile’. 

The girl spoke to them again saying ‘we’re not going to hurt you, if we wanted to do that, we would have broken in, i’ll ask again, may we come in and use your phone’. Their dog ‘snarled at the door’ and they ‘inched backward’ but felt ‘something’ inside them ‘seemed to be slowly pulling [them] back toward the door’ which they also described as not a ‘physical pulling so much as a subconscious need to go back and let them in’.

The witness reportedly went to their room, covered up the window, locked the door, and ‘sat there in the dim light of the nightlight’ and heard the girl call her back to the door once more ‘and then quiet’.

They claimed that they didn’t go back to sleep that night and ‘haven’t slept right since’ but that they knew ‘from reading about them that BEK’s can’t just come in without permission’.

“I know they haven’t hurt anyone, but I still fear I’ll be the exception. When I told my husband, he said it was just a dream. He keeps telling me to forget it, but this lingering feeling of sadness, this dread when the house is silent at night, this fear of a knock at the door… this tells me otherwise.” (Thought Catalogue, 2019)


Another reddit user nosleep2012 also claimed to have encountered black eyed children on their doorstep, writing that she encountered a young girl.

“She had a voice that was mature, confident, strong, and accentless. She held her head tilted downward, and I couldn’t see her eyes. She said ‘We have to use your phone.’ I stood frozen in fear. Slowly and silently, I backed away from the door, Lucy (my dog) still cowering at my ankles … she became commanding, almost hostile. ‘We’re not going to hurt you. If we wanted to do that, we would have broken in. I’ll ask again. May we come in and use your phone?’ the girl said.” (Clench, 2013)

Their dog ‘snarled at the door’ and they ‘inched backward’ and felt something inside them that seemed to be ‘slowly pulling’ them back towards the door which wasn’t ‘a physical pulling so much as a subconscious need to go back and let them in’. The reddit user also said that they didn’t go back to sleep that night and haven’t ‘slept right since’.


In one report, one woman encountered a black-eyed man instead of a black-eyed child. She reported that she had been walking down their street to get to their car and get it out of the garage when she noticed a ‘homeless man sitting on a bench-like thing outside the garage’.

The woman claimed to have never seen him before and that he wasn’t ‘a regular on that block’ making him ‘very noticeable’. As she passed the man looked up them and caught their eye and said ‘please spare some change, anything you can spare will help me’.

Reportedly, she was ‘thinking about offering him some change’ before realising that all she had was ‘some change buried in my handbag somewhere’ so she kept walking, pretending not to hear him. The woman claimed to feel a ‘pang of remorse’ as she passed the man but continued walking as he ‘continued to beg’ before he said to her ‘please spare some change, please Michaela’.

She turned around ‘as most people would hearing their name called’ and was met with the man’s ‘strange, sinister stare’ and felt shocked that the man knew her name as she was not wearing anything that would identify her and had never met him before. She could think of no ‘logical explanation for him knowing that’.

Reportedly, when she looked back at him and saw that his eyes were ‘black, bottomless and almost hypnotic’ with a stare that was ‘truly frightening’ and ‘evil’. She described the stare as ‘powerful’ and also described feeling as though she had ‘hands running up and down [her] back’ and ‘truly felt that that was not a person’ but was a ‘creature’ and it ‘knew everything’ about her.

‘It’ continued to at her and ‘stopped begging as other people passed by’ as she reportedly started walking away while looking at him out of the corner of her eye.

“I was so unbelievably frightened and speechless. I have no idea what it was or who it was, and why it called my name. I have never seen that man again on the street, and I don’t ever want to.” (My Haunted Life Too, 2017)


In Episode 87 of Astonishing Legends titled Black Eyed Kids Part 1 (of 3) one encounter with black-eyed kids, which was sent in to them by a listener, is recounted (around 55 minutes in) in which they reportedly caused someone to become ill. Reportedly, one morning during breakfast, someone knocked on the door of their house and when they opened the door they found two children.

The children were both boys, around 10 to 12 years of age and standing on their porch. One boy, who was the taller of the two, and the one who knocked, was straddling a bike on the porch, which they found odd as he would have had to carry it up the steps leading up to their front door and it would have expected them to be standing beside their bike not on it.

The children reportedly kept their heads down at first so he asked if they could help them and they asked to ‘come in for a minute’ and that it ‘wouldn’t take long’. He asked if they were from the neighbourhood but they didn’t answer, and then he began to realise that ‘something wasn’t right’ and told them that they ‘weren’t comfortable letting them into their house’.

Apparently there had been some home invasions in the area recently and both he and his wife were ‘wary of strangers’. The children did not say anything else but ‘strange’ things began happening after they left. He reportedly had recurring nightmares about their visit which would wake him up in the middle of the night, he also lost his appetite and didn’t want to leave his house.

The two boys visited him again. It was morning when they visited again and his wife heard someone knock on the front door. When she answered the door she saw the two boys he had mentioned standing there on their porch and simply stood and stared at her and she stared back at them. One of them reportedly said ‘he will die soon’ and she told them to ‘get the hell off their property’ but they just ‘smiled at her’ and one of them said ‘let us in to use the phone’. She later said that she ‘had never been so scared in her life’ and so in response she stepped back and closed the door and turned around.

She went back into the kitchen and asked her husband if he had heard them but he said that he hadn’t and had thought that she was in the bedroom. He reportedly kept feeling awful and, about a week after this incident, went to see his doctor, who sent him for tests. 

They found that he had a tumor, it was operated on and he survived but he believed that it was somehow caused by those kids and claimed to think that they were demonic and telepathic. He said that during his encounter he had thought ‘what’s happening here’ then the taller boy looked at him ‘with those black eyes’ and said ‘directly into’ his head – ‘you know he isn’t real don’t you’.


In the same episode of Astonishing Legends they also recounted (around one hour and twelve minutes into the episode) an encounter from Gary Michael Vasey’s book The Chilling, True Terror of the Black-Eyed Kids: A Monster Compilation

The account begins with the witness walking into their porch, turning around to lock the porch door then turning back around when there was a knock at the door. They turned around and saw two kids, one looked to be in his ‘early teens’ and the other ‘looked about eleven’, and the older of the two was the knocking.

Reportedly the older of the kids looked ‘panicked’ and was ‘really pounding on the door’ while the younger of the two ‘looked emotionless’ and didn’t say anything. They said to the witness ‘we have to use your phone’ and they felt their hand ‘moving forwards towards to doorknob’ but then they ‘yanked it back’.

They wanted to help the kids but also ‘felt afraid of them’ and that the kids ‘strike fear into your heart’ and had read about black-eyed kids before so they looked at the two kids eyes like a ‘reflex’ when they heard the request to use the phone.

Reportedly, their eyes were ‘solid black’ and they ‘knew what these kids were’. The witness also claimed that the older kid seemed to ‘immediately realise’ what they had seen and his eyes ‘got a look of desperation’ and he said ‘I swear to god I won’t hurt you, you can trust us’. They ran to get their shotgun as they ‘wouldn’t stand there and listen to them begging to get in for the next hour’ but when the witness came back with the gun the two black-eyed kids were already gone.

They claimed that now, in place of the two boys, there was a young girl, with hair that was ‘very light’ and ‘almost white’ and looking away not trying to get in. They ‘pointed the gun and her anyway’ and told her to ‘get the hell out of here’ but she told him ‘you don’t need to o that, I don’t even want to get in’.


Another story recounted on Episode 87 of Astonishing Legends, sent in by a listener, tells of the experience of a man and his son, the middle son of triplets, who is on the autistic spectrum, had one evening in ‘late fall’ in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The listener claimed that he and his son were watching TV one night, around 11 pm, snuggled up on the sofa when there was an ‘insistent knock’ on their door. 

The knock ‘wasn’t frantic but wasn’t far away from that’ so the man got up to ‘check it out’ and opened the door to find two kids ‘dressed inappropriately for the weather’. The older of the two was ‘definitely a girl’ but the listener ‘didn’t get a great look at the younger one’. The older girl said she needed to come in and use their phone and the man tried to explain that they didn’t have a landline phone but that she could use his cell phone.

She ‘insisted more than once that she needed to call her mum’ and the man’s ‘first instinct was to let them do what they need to do’ but felt that ‘this was creepy’ and just before he was about to ‘let them step inside to warm up’ his son came running up to him.

His son was ‘really panicky and right on the verge of tears’ and grabbed him around the waist screaming ‘don’t let them in’ over and over and when he turned to calm him son down, then looked back, the kids were ‘looking right at him, totally emotionless’ and the man claimed to ‘get the feeling they weren’t happy with [his son]’.

He also saw that they ‘had no eyes, just black voids where they should be’ and he ‘slammed the door’ and they ‘killed the lights’ and ‘darted back to the den’ where they were sitting before.

The listeners son was able to fall asleep but the father couldn’t and about an hour later the son woke up crying and could only say ‘the eyes’.


In Episode 88 of the Astonishing Legends podcast the hosts read out (around 2 hours and thirteen minutes in) an encounter sent in by a listener in which a girl, named Cindy, described an encounter she had when she was five years old, when on a family trip.

The family were reportedly visiting some of Cindy’s Mexico, driving in their van filled with about thirteen people, including adults, teens and children, and had stopped at a convenience store for snacks. Cindy described seeing the convenience store as ‘a small wooden building, almost like a giant playhouse’ but in ‘hindsight’ said it was ‘probably something like a shed that was converted into a little store’.

Her family ‘filled up the place’ and the guy at the counter was friendly and joking with them Cindy and a twelve year old cousin went into the bathroom and found, when they came back out, a ‘completely empty store’ with ‘no sign’ of her family or any employees.

Cindy and her cousin went outside and couldn’t see their family’s van anymore, or any other cars or people but neither of them ‘got scared’ and instead just shrugged at each other and ‘stepped out into the dirt parking lot’.

She described being too young to understand the ‘possible dangers’ to two young girls who were alone but they weren’t near the ‘shopping areas and touristy bars’ but were in the towns ‘residential area’. But the houses were ‘like ranches’ and ‘you might walk a quarter mile before you see the next house’ and when her cousin said she knew the way home Cindy said that she felt like she didn’t have ‘a care in the world’.

Cindy claimed that she followed her older cousin, both assuming that they were heading where they thought was home when her cousin ‘went from zero to terrified in a split second’ but ‘nothing had happened and no one had passed by’ so at the time she didn’t know ‘what was going through her head’.

Reportedly her cousin began ‘sobbing’ and repeating in Spanish ‘we’re in trouble, we’re going to get hurt, we’re in the wrong place’ as if ‘something had hit her’ and she had started to realise that they didn’t know where they were and there was nothing no one around to ask for help.

Cindy tried to console her cousin and tell her that they were going to be ok and ‘let’s just keep walking, someone will find us’ and as they walked they spotted a house that was ‘pretty far from the street’ with a very large garden and a swing set out front. As she looked at the swing set, two boys appeared, one was ‘running around one of the poles’ and the other was on one of the swings.

She claimed that it didn’t even occur to her at the time that they had ‘appeared out of nowhere nowhere’ but thinks that she was ‘just happy to see someone, anyone’. She turned her head to say to her cousin – ‘see we can ask them for help, maybe they know what street we’re on’ but as she looked at her cousin she saw that she was ‘already looking at the boys’ with her face ‘lit up in fear’ and ‘her eyes bulging’.

Cindy turned back to look at the boys ‘just as [she] finished saying this to her’ and saw the boy who was on the swing ‘running full speed’ and was suddenly more than halfway towards them in the brief moment that she had turned away as if he had ‘jumped forward in time’. As the boy got closer her heart ‘began to flutter’ and she realised that somehow, and she didn’t know why, he was scarier than her and her cousins situation.

The boy was reportedly ‘about nine years old’, had on a ‘blue and red stripe t-shirt with one thin white stripe placed sporadically between the colourful ones and a blue piping around the neck‘, was wearing jeans that were too big for him and ‘the back of the cuffed legs were underneath his heel and shredded’, barefoot ‘running on dirt and rocks’, had dirty had that was ‘plastered in a style and failing forward over his forehead eyes’ and he was ‘a little taller’ than Cindy was at the time.

She ‘froze in place, terrified of him’ and the boy seemed to ‘flash towards them’ in ‘slow motion’ and as he came closer, now standing in front of her she was ‘choking on [her] paralysis’. Her cousin grabbed her arm but ‘she couldn’t talk either’ and the boy started talking to them. Cindy claimed that he ‘spoke and spoke’ but they couldn’t understand him and couldn’t tell what language he was speaking and she described his speech as not even sounding like a language but sounded like ‘continuous mumbling’.

Cindy felt like the ‘confusion and trying to understand his words’ almost put her brain ‘on a different track making it possible to shake off the terror’ and she thought to herself that they could run away. When she broke out of her ‘terrified, frozen state’ the boy looked straight at her with an ‘irritated snarl’ and she felt like he knew what she was thinking and ‘felt guilty for thinking it’.

She ‘hesitated’ about grabbing her cousin and starting to run because she ‘felt like it would be rude’ and wonders how, in her terror, she was so worried about offending the boy. Cindy ‘battled in [her] head about what to do’ then as she looked ‘right at him’ his ‘eyes turned black’ and he started talking again ‘louder and faster until he was yelling’.

Now she also realised that ‘his teeth were sharp’ and felt like he could ‘eat’ them and then, with that thought, made the decision to grab her cousins harm that was ‘still clutching’ her arm and started running. She claimed to have ‘some kind of feeling’ that ‘reassured’ her that the boy couldn’t follow them and that as she thought that he ‘started yelling to [them]’, now suddenly in Spanish.

The boy was yelling for them to ‘come back’ and she looked back at him to be sure he wasn’t following them and saw that he wasn’t but was ‘stuck’ and he ‘started yelling louder and louder, no longer in Spanish and instead in ’inaudible words’ that ‘rang together in a voice that a child could never have’.

They ran ‘seemingly’ for their lives and suddenly the ‘empty and desolate area started to look more familiar’ and two figures emerged from over the ‘horizon line’. Cindy claimed that she could only see their silhouettes but knew that it was her big sister and brother and tried to not cry when she saw them and was ‘so relieved’ but ‘could never admit fear’ as she knew everyone would make fun of her.

Cindy and her cousin felt like they had been walking for ‘miles and for hours’ and thought that the sun was going down and ‘were afraid it was going to get dark’. When Cindy and her cousin climbed into the van everyone was eating ice cream that they had bought in the convenience store where the ‘whole ordeal began’ and she was confused because the ice cream ‘should have melted by now’. According to her parents and the rest of the family they ‘barely made it up the street’ before turning back to come get the two girls and they found them already walking down the road, but to the girls, it felt like they had been separated for hours.

Now, Cindy believes that their family ‘didn’t have time pass’ like she and her cousin did, and that for them it had ‘only been a few moments since they left the store’. Cindy and her cousin reportedly never saw that house, the convenience store or that area again.


In Episode 89 of the Astonishing Legends podcast the hosts relay (around one hour and four minutes in) the encounter one listener had, in which the kids were let inside their house.

The listener described being woken up, one late evening, by ‘loud knocks’ on their front door. They woke up their husband and asked him to go down and answer the door, he got up and went downstairs and they ‘watched from the landing’ as he opened the door. He found two children standing there, a boy and a girl and both of them look ‘young’ and ‘frozen’ with cold.

The husband asked them if they had been in an accident and they nodded, so he asked them if their parents were with them and they shook their heads and one of them said ‘our parents are coming for us’. The listeners husband was still ‘half asleep’ and ‘started closing the door’, one of the children said ‘let us in’ and they watched their husband open the door and the two children walked in.

Reportedly, the husband was ‘obviously not in control of his own body’ and the witness could now see that the children were ‘about eight years old’ and went downstairs to ask them if they would like to sit down. They went through to the kitchen and the children sat down but their dog ‘went crazy’ and ‘would not stop barking’ so they had to shut him in another room. 

The listener claimed to try and make small talk with the children but they didn’t say anything and their husband also said nothing but then he started to complain about stomach pains and said that he felt like he had been ‘stuck with a sword’. The kids didn’t move and the listener ‘tried to help’ their husband, they left the room and when they came back their husband has ‘passed out’ and the kids ‘couldn’t be found’.

They called 911 and asked for an ambulance and their husband was taken to the hospital and needed immediate surgery to ‘remove his appendix’. He has reportedly never had ‘any issues with his appendix before that night’.


Also read on Episode 89 of the Astonishing Legends was an encounter with a black-eyed adult in a bar. The bar was reportedly ‘packed’ and was playing loud music when the witness’s bartender husband, Jim, saw a ‘tall man slowly approaching’, who was about ‘6 ft 5 inches tall’, had ‘long, straight black hair’, wore black trousers, a t-shirt and a ‘long black coat’.

Jim claimed it was if ‘the crowd parted for this man as he slowly walked up to the bar’, ‘smack bang’ in front of his ‘frozen gaze’. The tall man ‘quietly’ ordered bourbon and when Jim looked up at the man he noticed his eyes were ‘completely black’ and he turned to make the drink and glanced in the mirror and saw the black-eyed man staring back at him.

He ‘mustered enough courage to turn and give him the drink’ and claimed to fell ‘great fear at first while in his presence’ and knew this man was staring at him and ‘didn’t want to make eye contact’ but ‘felt compelled not to feel fear’. The black-eyed man ‘knocked back the bourbon and disappeared into the crowd and Jim, for an ‘unknown reason’ had a feeling that he needed to run after him for ‘what he believes’ was to ‘ask the large man what he wanted’, what he was doing or ‘who he was after’.

Jim reportedly ran after the man ‘as quickly as he could’, on ‘two levels of the club’, to get to the front door but the strange man was nowhere in sight. He asked the security staff but no one saw the strange man leave and no bar staff saw ‘the huge black-eyed man’. He was baffled about why the barman next to him apparently didn’t see the man, and neither did any of the regulars at the bar, and the security tapes also somehow ‘showed nothing’.


Another story, reportedly posted on a thread on the site Thought Catalog by a commenter called ‘bloodybones’, details an encounter that occurred around Halloween’.

The guy who reported the encounter said that he had decided to go down the the ‘corner store’, when, on his way he ‘happened to see’ two teens, around fourteen years old, knocking on someone’s door ‘to ask to use the phone’. This ‘struck him as odd’ as these days ‘most kids that age’ have a smartphone.

He’d just ‘passed by’ the house when the kids turned to stare at him as he went by with ‘an unsettling gaze’ so he hurried to the store but claimed that when he looked back they were following him. 

He rushed into the store and the cashier ‘seemed concerned’ so he told the cashier what had just happened and the cashier then explained that he’d ‘had some incidents like this in the past’ and he advised the man to ‘never agree to help these mysterious people’. 

They then noticed that the two teenagers were ‘lurking right outside’ the shop door but were not trying to enter, only ‘loitering about asking to be let in’ despite the fact that the shop was open and there ‘seemed to be nothing stopping them’.

The cashier then locked the door ‘just to make sure’ and the reported an ‘odd’ series events unfolding. The teenagers ‘never seem to waver or leave’ but wouldn’t step away from the door even after an hour and the man and the cashier were reportedly ‘ready to fight [their] way out’.

Instead the cashier took him out the back when one of the teenagers also came around the back just as the door shut behind them but all he said to them was ‘can you help me’ As he was ‘closing in on’ them they saw that his eyes were ‘black as a starless night’.

“They were peering right into my soul. I couldn’t help but gaze into his eyes. The terror, I can’t remember too much of what happened next, but I do recall the sounds of struggle.” (Swancer, 2018)

Reportedly, he heard the sounds of a ‘struggle’ and when he ‘came too’ the cashier was ‘struggling’ with both teenagers and calling to him for help. The man claimed that he ran towards them then ‘grabbed him by his collar and pulled him between the two, knocking them over in the process and didn’t look back until he was near his house.

According to him the cashier was now gone but the teens were still following him as he ran into his house, closed all the blinds, and ‘turned the music up’. He reportedly went back to the store the next day to thank the cashier for ‘saving his life’ but was told that the cashier had not shown up for work and the owner of the store said that he had quit and ‘was in the process of moving out of town’.

The man also claims to have from then on been ‘plagued by the sense of being watched’ and says that he can even see the kids ‘on the periphery of his vision sometimes’ or ‘watching his house from across the street’.


The creator of the YouTube channel Fantastic Daily, which has now been replaced by the creators with the Red Hot Punch channel, was reportedly ‘obsessed’ with finding evidence of black-eyed children. The creator of the channel claimed to have isolated, by going through hours of supposed footage of black-eyed children, a ‘sound isolated in lower audio frequencies’ which could be used to ‘summon’ black-eyed children. He claimed to have performed an experiment to test this frequency

He set up his laptop camera to record overnight while continuously playing the ‘low-frequency tone’ hoping that he could summon a black-eyed child and catch them on camera. On the first night his laptop camera recorded nothing outside his window but on the second night ‘something’ triggered his outdoor motion-sensor light but there was nothing to be seen on the camera.

On the third and fourth nights he also captured nothing but on the fifth night his outdoor motion-sensor light was triggered and his camera caught someone standing on his front porch for ‘over an hour’, simply standing and staring into the house. Fantastic daily stated that his house was remote and did not often get unknown, uninvited visitors. He also claimed that after the person left he was woken up by what he thought was a noise outside and got up and went outside to check. He found no one but noticed that the house gate had been left open.  

Fantastic Daily also claimed to have been so freaked out by what his camera had recorded that he stopped playing the audio he believed could attract black-eyed kids. A week later, however, when he was driving down the rough road to his home, he claimed to have thought he saw someone walk across the road in front of his car so he stopped, started filming with his phone and got out of the car to look around. After he got home and looked back at the footage he saw a figure he hadn’t noticed before in the footage.

There is also a Facebook page for Black Eyed Kids which can be found here.


Most sources seem to agree that the contemporary urban legend originated from a 1998 posting written by reporter Brian Bethel about an alleged encounter with ‘black-eyed kids.’

After Brian Bethel shared his story on the internet many others began to share their own encounters and Bethel was reportedly interviewed all over the world, including by a news company in Korea. Some believe that Bethel only saw two kids behaving strangely, or that he made the story up as he was a journalist.

Another theory is that when Brian Bethel shared this encounter online it ‘primed’ the idea of black-eyed kids into people’s heads. Some believe that this is why reported sightings have gone up around the world since Bethel shared his story online and the encounter went viral.

“Priming is a nonconscious form of human memory concerned with perceptual identification of words and objects. It refers to activating particular representations or associations in memory just before carrying out an action or task.” (Psychology Today, 2019)

On the reported encounters with black-eyed children in Cannock Chase in England, Lee Brickley had reportedly said, to The Birmingham Mail, that people who spot the ghosts ‘could be hallucinating because of a chemical leak’. However, where the chemicals are supposed to have come from and how the leak has lasted for 32 years is not clear or explained.

“There are two theories. The Black Eyed Child is linked to the Cornovii, a Celtic tribe known for their blood sacrifices. The other is that we are dealing with some kind of mass hallucination. Something, some substances, has made people see this apparition. There were all kinds of weird, covert military stuff going on here during the years, there still is. Could something left behind have caused all these sightings?” (Buzzfeed, 2014)

However, Brickley contacted Buzzfeed to say that the chemical leak story was ‘entirely invented by the press’ at the time and wasn’t a theory that ‘’came from him’.

“Can I just make a point of saying that I’ve not sold the story to any newspapers, and they have been using me to make money all week. All I did was publish a report from a family member on my blog over a year ago, and the press have taken it upon themselves to lift the story and put me all over their front pages.  As a result of that, I have been contacted by hundreds of reporters and radio shows, and up until yesterday I was doing my best to help them out with interviews, quotes, and a couple of new sighting reports that have come in. They have not been reporting on the story accurately, and they keep placing my name next to their own theories about the origin of these sightings. I have never once said they have anything to do with the child murders on Cannock Chase, and yet they keep running this line. I too am very sceptical, and as I said in a video interview for the Birmingham Mail, my personal opinion is that people are hallucinating. I draw that conclusion because the people I have interviewed seem very genuine.  They appear to ‘think’ they are telling the truth. To be honest, I’m getting a little sick of the attention, and so I’ve already decided to stop talking to the press about the subject. It’s not like I stand to benefit financially from the story, and I’ve hardly slept this week trying to keep everyone happy. It’s just turned into a bit of a frenzy, and everyone seems to be making money off my investigations. Everyone except me, that is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to get money from the press. All I ever set out to do was publish some interesting cases that have not be discussed before. I have no desire whatsoever to become a ‘celebrity paranormal researcher’ and have only ever wished for people to know my name for being a writer and author.” (Buzzfeed, 2014)

The horror film Black Eyed Kids was produced with Kickstarter funding in 2012. It’s director reportedly commented that ‘the creepy children were an urban legend that’s been floating around on the Internet for years now, I always thought it was fascinating’. 

The legend of the black-eyed kids was also reportedly introduced to more people, and helped spread the legend, after a two-minute video episode of Weekly Strange was posted online in 2013 to the Entertainment section of the MSN website, which featured these ‘strange, putative beings’. However, The Inquisitr noted that the video, other sources, and accounts of, black-eyed children were ‘far from convincing’ in their opinion.

“[The] brief video looks like an amateur hour version of Unsolved Mysteries, which details the phenomenon and name drops a handful of conspiracy/cryptology websites. Google “black-eyed children” and you’re not much better off. The first handful of results belong to The Examiner and Mysterious Universe, and none of them exactly take what we’d call a fully sceptical view of the subject. Further down, there’s a laughably bad Journal of the Bizarre post that claims to “debunk” the black-eyed children phenomenon with pseudo-biological and pragmatic arguments that sometimes seem about as far-fetched as there being children in the first place.” (Mikkelsen, 2019) also reported in 2013 that they suspected some element of viral marketing was ‘in play’ with the MSN Weekly Strange video.

“Black-eyed children fever hit the Internet in February, 2013, when a two-minute video episode of ‘Weekly Strange’ featuring a look at these strange, putative beings was posted to the entertainment section of the MSN web site. Not surprisingly, the appearance of the black-eyed children video on MSN coincided with the release of ‘Black-Eyed Kids,’ an urban legend-based horror film.” (Wagner, 2018)

In September 2014, The Daily Star reportedly ran three front-page stories about the alleged sightings of black-eyed children which they connected with a supposedly haunted pub in Staffordshire and claimed a ‘shock rise in sightings around the world’.

Science writer Sharon A. Hill concluded that the tales were ‘friend of a friend’ ‘passed on’ ghost stories after she was reportedly unable to find any concrete evidence or documentation of encounters with black-eyed children. Hill believed that the urban legend resembled ‘typical spooky folklore stories’ where ‘the subject is not supernatural, and there may never have been an actual original encounter’. 

Paranormal investigator A. Milhorn also reportedly offered ‘psychological explanations’ for the spread of black-eyed kids and ‘similar urban legends’, including ‘priming’, and also theorised that ‘given priming, ​pareidolia, and a frame of reference of scary stories, people can falsely perceive experiences’.

“When you read about a phenomenon, you are more predisposed to be attentive to it. Reading reports of BEK might make you more attentive to kids and teens seeking your attention in the dead of night. Only an activator stimulus that is appropriately vague in the right circumstances sets off the connection between the knowledge in your brain and your senses, making a false connection between the two, and leading you to a flawed conclusion that isn’t supported by evidence.” (Wagner, 2018)

Other theories explaining the black-eyed kids phenomena, specifically their black eyes, are that eyes normally dilate in low light conditions (mydriasis), a condition which caused a ‘blown pupil in cases of increased intracranial pressure’, ‘Adie’s tonic pupil’, and various drugs which could be the cause such as ‘decongestants, epinephrine, amphetamines, and ecstasy’. However, in these cases, it is only the pupil and iris which can be affected while the whites of the eyes (sclera) remain). Some still argue however that if you are ‘primed’ to see black-eyed kids from reading about encounters with them and then see a teenager or child with significantly enlarged pupils, you might ‘project’ that the entirety of their eyes are solid black.

Also, contact lenses do exist which cover the entire eye including the Sclera, which are often used in films, TV and theatre. However, realistic, professional and custom-made sclera contacts are expensive and not readily available but non-custom-made black sclera contacts are available to buy online for a ‘relatively low price’ but it is illegal under US law to sell any ‘contact lens corrective or cosmetic without a prescription’.

Brian Bethel has however stated that he finds this to be ‘very suspect’ as these sorts of contact lenses were not as easily available, and were more expensive when his encounter happened compared to now. He also claimed that he returned to the same movie theatre with friends to see if they could recreate conditions which might make his eyes to appear completely black like the two boys he encountered.

Paranormal theories around the nature of black-eyed children include them being vampires, ghosts or other evils spirits, possessed children, extra-terrestrials, ‘inter-dimensional beings’ or some form of demon.

On the Astonishing Legends podcast episode Black Eyed Kids Part 1, the hosts of the podcast theorised that black-eyed children, who often seem to ‘bypass’ property gates and locks, seem to ‘exhibit some sort of mind control’ and make people feel ‘compelled’ to let them in, and are ‘sent’ by something.

The hosts believe that there seem to ‘lures’ which are employed by black-eyed kids to get people to let them inside their house or car etc. This also plays into their theory that BEK’s are ‘sent’.

For example, they are always young, which plays on people’s expectations and emotions by presenting as someone or something that most people would naturally want to help and protect, and they often appear and unusual times such as very late at night or very early in the morning, and often not dressed appropriately for the weather, and ask for help getting in touch with their parents.

The Astonishing Legends hosts theories that ‘whatever is sending’ them is trying to trick us into letting them in by sending something that we will ‘feel bad for’ and want to help by ‘natural inclination’ which most people find difficult to resist when they see a ‘kid in trouble’. They call this a ‘two-pronged attack’, our natural inclination to help a child in need being the first prong of the attack. But, because there is still ‘something physical about them that they just cannot overcome no matter how helpless they seem to be’ which causes instant, even unexplainable fear in us, their second prong is therefore a sort of mind-control or hypnotism that they put people into to get them to invite you in.

The hosts also point out that there seems to be some common ground between some vampire lore and stories of black-eyed kids encounters, mainly, them not being able to come into your car or your home without being invited in. BEK’s are frequently reported as being very insistent on coming inside and not being able to come inside until they are invited in, and there do not seem to be any instances of there being physical attacks perpetrated in order to get inside. There are also, it seems, some similarities in this to skinwalkers. 

Another theory is that black-eyed kids are a Tupla, which is something paranormal which is created through ‘spiritual or mental powers’, or the power of thought or belief which can bring something into existence or ‘manifest’ it. 

Overall, the difficulty in proving or disproving their existence is largely due to the lack of any kind of evidence as stories of encounters are only ’subjective testimony’ and usually cannot be proven or disproven. 


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